Limbus Company Gameplay Thread, but i already speedrunned Canto I

I just now realized that his attacks are slash…
That means my blade lineage dudes can tank them, which means i should be able to get rid of all the trees and weaken him.

i seriously don’t get it.
At this rate, i might have to grind Wakashu Ryoshu to even stand a chance against him.
Oh boy…here we go again.

I have beaten him with a strat so dumb…so scuffed…to the point that i am baffled that it worked in the first place.
It seems that the absorbing trees only appear when a hit character has 5+ seeds, and i completely forgot about that while clashing…
But a win is a win, and he very much deserved getting his ass beat.

The hard mode mirror dungeon…finally unlocked.
From what i’ve heard…it contains Refraction Railway abnos like My Form Empties (if i remember correctly.), along with many more, such as those two annoying bleed and burn meta abusers…
And you can use 7 (?) sinners here, but i prefer 6.
I should get some starter buffs first, like an extra ego gift choices and two new bleed EGO gifts for bloody mist, and then i’ll tackle hard MD.

i must ask you once again to avoid power stacking the enemies, they become nearly impossible to clash without ego or a high rolling skill

power stacking? as in?

Coin power and final power upgrades (+ any similar stuff) is pretty scary near the end. The mounting trials in general are actually meaningful in the hard dungeon compared to the normal one.

Offence level ups are better because they just increase clash power but don’t change the roll of the skill for evades.

Even if you try to avoid bad upgrades, the enemies on the final floor will still have insane rolls and clashes in every run. You’ll very likely need a lot of ego spam to get past these, which means that resource generating gifts are high priority (depends on which ones but half of them are really good).

Also choosing a less difficult mounting trial is almost always a better option than choosing the best ego gift.

i see, i see.
What are some easy mounting trials in hard MD though?

I think there’s 4 mounting trials for the first floor. One of them is +2 defense skill power, which is very easy and niche. I would always take that. The others are forgettable clones of + clash power and a lil extra dmg.

The second and third mounting trial choices are kinda forgettable, but they’re basically +[Offensive power in some way] and a +#% boost to health (around 15%?). I would prioritize offense level ups, and note that some choices add 4 levels to the enemies but grant a free ego gift choice.

The fourth one (theres an extra floor) can be really nasty. Theres disgusting stuff like +2 coin power or headstrong (Do Not Take Headstrong). +25% enemy hp is fairly chill but it makes runs kinda slow and boring. There’s one for the third and fourth choice thats a lot of offense level but a lot less defense level; I think that one is usually good if you have evade skills.

You’ll just have to evaluate them for yourself, but note that level increases are nigh unavoidable and you’ll probably end up with enemies that are 20 or more levels higher than you (also why piece of relationship is really good).

canto 6 spoilers

goddamn the human fights actually got un-winrate-able again
anyway linton butler ids when
tbh though i feel like canto 5 was a bit more enticing in its first part, this seems a bit more lax

also spoilers (i guess?)

tried fighting them with poise, so miserable i said “screw it” and just used a bunch of charge ids against them

yeah id say the EX conditions especially for 6-21 are kinda similar to green dawn (but also not really) in the sense that you need high atk weight aoes like blind obsession and ebony stem to clear within 10 turns

full BL works for the slash weak stages i utterly decimated part 1

Pretty much EVERYTHING is a spoiler if you think about it too hard, especially uptie 3 stories lol.

I guess so. But am I thinking about it too hard? Or is it actually impacting someones experience of the game in a bunch of tiny ways, like removing the impact of finding a new abno in a story dungeon because you already saw it in the md’s. Some of the stuff is for the better (like being able to build archetype teams, and way better mirror dungeons), but maybe some of it comes at a slight cost.

actual important stuff like chapter specific enemies and bosses are only unlocked in mirror dungeons after you reach them normally from what I can tell.


since i’ve already reached Canto 5, i am planning a few things…

i was thinking of trying to get Kurokumo Wakashu Ryoshu, in any case that there will be 6+ sinner fights.

However…with how the battle pass’s pacing’s going, it might take a while for the shard gain to snowball so i was thinking of something else…

Should i start making my Burn build by getting Liu Meursault, and spending 365 egoshards on getting my burn build identities to Uptie III? that way…i should be able to optimise starlight gain, along with getting enough starter buffs to be able to do hard MD.
I’ve heard the Hard MD abnos are more difficult and complicated than the ones i fought, so i might also need tips for those.

What do you think i should prioritize first?

hey anyone also cleared canto VI part 2 here?

y’all good? because i sure as hell don’t right now