Limbus Company Gameplay Thread

general tips for anyone struggling this railway:

intercept ego users with fast ids and stagger them before they can use ego so that you dont have to clash them

bring slash (w corp units are eating good here)

don’t bring ammo ids

abuse the attack weight system (attack weight prioritizes untargeted skill slots)

dont stress too badly, theres only 2 problematic nodes in the entire railway. MAYBE 3.

problem about the outspeed and kill (it isn’t too hard but whatever): half the time your ids roll like a 4 on speed while they roll a 7

There was one section with the clones where I was wondering “how many are there???”

12, just like you

there was never any rule established that prevented them from just becoming multiple of the same person.

vergil ryoshu announced right after i spend my decaextraction tickets getting t corp don…

damn you, project moon.

man idc what stats ryoshu’s gonna have i’m sharding her that animation is fire as hell
(gonna be out of shards again after this though :pensive:)
still holding out for wild hunt heath

it is a great day when both my favorite character and my favorite abnormality get an identity and an EGO, respectively.
keep cooking, Project Moon.

im stuck with 308 outis shards after abandoning burn and now i wont be able to shard this

i hate everything

maybe kimexodia is the play for rr4
(i never knew that he had a status effect that goes into play when 5 blade lineage units die to where he gets buffed)

Issue is that you have to wait for 5 other people to die and you’ll only have one skill slot

There’s a demo version of it at 3 dead bl allies which could theoretically happen on the first turn so BL Meursault gets 3 skill slots, but it only makes his poise gain more consistent which other BL allies can already do

(its not worth it ever)

yea which kinda sucks and this is the only time its ever viable LOL
maybe if they put it into the main story then it might be viable in some sort of way

Oh yeah rr4 has the backup mechanic, ive only done section 1 so far and i never let someone die once (or noticed the identity slot buffs)

The only way his passive would be good is if he got more slots or stole slots from dead allies, though its not like he needs a buff

The multitude tightens its hold :metal: what is a good Meursault identity?! :speaking_head:

My favourite Meursault character is Meursault

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I wonder why people always suggest to shard everything.

It took a few tries but it only takes one good roll to not waste a huge pile of resources.

personally its because it feels like you can barely pull if you want to reach 200 pulls when walpurgis rolls around

That’s fair but I hope you aren’t so unlucky as to need THAT many pulls.

hahaha… it took me over a hundred for the most common one, sinclair

I am so sorry for your loss.