List of all magic(51 magic)

Id l ike something to do with teleporting

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pee better

Only if that was a thing
Vetexgames doesn’t want anything that makes you teleport to places like teleporting from island to island

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Vetex said that if he can’t play on his main file at all he’ll just make aether lightning a custom magic only, and while it’s probably a joke it does seem like a vetex thing to do.

Honestly I’m fine with a dev of a game having a custom overpowered item. But only the dev. No sharing it with a select few.

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I mean tech is probably gonna have access to it

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yea. guess that would be fine as well. But like, no testers with it.

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I mean vet’s brother is a tester I think and he got a custom magic before in AA being poison lightning

… I think it should just be the dev. Unless the magic is balanced enough. Like its a lost/ancient magic only a select few can obtain. So it’s not to blatantly overpowered.

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stop discussing a dev specs balancing when it doesnt exist

also mimhere custom magic when

he said he’ll make a custom, not sure about the aether lightning part

mimhere island is real

It teleports them to the dungeon of mimhere island

If aether lightning isnt real then what are we all existing for?

god’s plan