Literally 1984

try to say the r word

( you’ll have to await approval )

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vetard ( we can still say this tho )

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my computer

i made a post asking if i could say it but i was put on hold for a month (i got suspended before i was put off hold for other reasons)

I always try to mind my language on here, funny to see there’s an actual filter

The Forums is supposed to stay a discussion site so I guess that’s just fair

check it out guys sick new bypass method

you are regarded as a lovely and upstanding user



honestly i just assume that these forums are probably filled with people on the autism spectrum so i just don’t because i don’t wanna be more of an asshole than i’m trying to be

This ain’t even 1984 why silence and manipulate when we can just kill y’all fr… :pray::100::fire:


r word?? some slurred speech right here

You are very acoustic.
I applaud your musical talents.

this shit is witewwawy wetawded :sleeper: