Looking for haloween stuff

Trading a max magic size set and and a clean mino helm for body wrappings and a haloween hat. Discord Coolclifクールクリフ#5057.

there are multiple armours that give magic size. what armour specifically are you offering? what enchants?

again, what enchant?

what halloween item are you seeking specifically? what colour do you want?

otherwise, if you want halloweens, add more boss drops

Don’t y’all get tired of doing this?

tired of what

Tired of commenting on every post either telling them the trade is bad or trying to guide them, am not saying it’s bad am just asking if y’all ever get tired of doing it.

I’ve already nicknamed Misinput “Mrs. Bitchy”, since they complain about every post they see

She gives advice and information on trading when someone makes a bad offer, what’s bitchy about that? :fr:

You haven’t seen her bitchy side then

No, because she’s overall a pleasant person, far nicer than all of us when someone makes a shit offer. Even in discord or in-game she’s nice, you’re calling her bitchy because she tries to help people to know values.

I’m not talking about trading specifically



I simp for you box :flushed:

what a nice thread

nah i enjoy doing it

what did i do to you?


I really like that second sentence you said

i question how that is bitchy

I never said it was bitchy

from the convo above it was implied :nod: