Looking for oathkeeper (any enchant idc)

I can trade the following :
(clean) exiled armor X2
(clean) minotaur boots X2
(clean) minotaur helmet X2
(Nimble) minotaur helmet
(Keen) Minotaur helmet
(Powerful) minotaur armor
(Swift) minotaur armor
(swift) vastira
Crown (if needed)

All of those for 1 oath? Prob not right lol

Not all of them but I can trade multiple for one

Y know at this point I could possibly trade everything for one lol

im up for it, wanna trade? ill give ya a strong one for it all


join me at FelixX42X

Mind if it’s a 2 times trade (because some of my item are on my alt?)

ah thats fine

Ok first trade : (clean) Exiled Armor X2 + (clean) minotaur boots + (clean) minotaur helmet

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alr then its only clean mino boots clean mino helmet nimble mino helmet keen mino helmet powerful mino armor swirft mino armor swift vastira left


Ok I’m so dumb I forget to mention this

Should we cancel the trade?


Because I have to keep atleast one minotaur helmet and armor

thats fine

Really? Thank

Closed : trade completed

u lost value lol

you must really have no sense of economical value