Looking for people to add to my RP

Like the title says I’m looking for people to be in the RP. State what your character should be down below in the reply section. (INCLUDE HIS NAME, MAGIC, AND REP.) (Optional, Personality, Appearance, backstory.)

Well I want to erase my 2nd file and his name is Trenton Clay

Negative rep, maybe he could like die or smthn idk

We on to a good start :relieved: :raised_hand:

what’s his magic tho

My main file Wyatt Water
He could be like the boom lord
Bad rep boi

Dave Water, -4,000 rep, crystal magic, generally against the magic council but not so much cultural towns

K so i marked you guys down
Yall gonna be in the 4 horseman of the Apocalypse

Sounds epic

Rivka Ketch
Demon: -5000 rep
:shadow_magic: Shadow Magic :shadow_magic:
Adventurer who is slightly psychotic.

I think i’ll introduce you next episode.

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Alright :>

ok ok gotcha
Pick which role he’s going to be in
“Realm of demons”
“God slayers”
“6 nights of black”(Stole this one from-)

Going off name alone, “6 nights of black”, though I would love the description for each.

“Six nights of black” serve under Kabuto, who was sealed away previously, but came back.
This group purely revolves around causing mystery, chaos, and murder.
“god slayers” Defy Durzas’ ideals. They think they are better then him but end up doing more harm.
They think of the MC as scum.
“Realm of demons” Don’t follow anyone and are completely rouge. these people follow the beliefs of the greek gods and think that they are a breed apart from others. They usually go on solo missions and only followed Jaava for a while, waiting until he revives ____ To _____ _____ ______ and _______ _____ until they fail. and ___
(Sorry can’t spoil)

Plasma (purple variant). Also, did you reply to my reply or reply to your post? I didn’t get any notifications which is strange…

Replied to my post

Hmmm, my character, although being a literal genocider, does not gain pleasure from murder, he just feels it’s the fastest way to get stronger. Leave me under “Six night of black.”

kk I gotcha

This was made 55 minutes ago and I feel late but…
Michael Silver
Negative rep - positive personality
What else do you want to know?

Negative rep positive personality? hmmm
Sure i gotcha