Lore Question

This takes place in the War Seas.

I’m under the impression that one unlocks the ability to use the first mind, depending on genetics and gift, from around 8 to 21-ish, in that range I guess.

Is this true?

And if so, if anyone knows just how much magic training slows one’s aging;

One of my OCs was quite gifted, so they unlocked the ability to use their first mind, Shadow, at about age 13. How long would it take them to reach the physical age of 18 if they trained their magic every day? 40-50 years?

Sorry i’m curious

They have to be 18 or over to unlock more minds or mutations or they will die/loose their magic via mindbreak.

Oof, I was just talking about unlocking first minds.

Oh, yeah people unlock their first minds at like 8.

Pretty sure that was only Skylians and stuff tho.

I thought it was since birth or never

Idk if they can use it tho

I think it’s determined and unlocked at birth, but you can only start to use it at a certain point later

Just make your OC older

As of the beginning of Arcane Odyssey he’s physically 21

He learned his magic at age 13, thus starting to slow his aging

Just need to know how long it would take if he trained everyday to get to this age, but that’s a tough question to answer lol. I should probably just find a way to get discord and then ask Tech

I need to do something lol

When people say aging in fiction, I believe they are usually referring to senescence (not cellular senescence), which is just the gradual breakdown of functions and operations in the human body. Skin pruning, eye sight deteriorating, bones weakening - all of these are symptoms of the breakdown of the body.

That’s not the same thing as the life cycle of a human. Even if you weakened bodily breakdown, you’d still reach puberty at about the same age and start developing into an adult human being at the same age. The only difference, at least I assume, is that you reach adolescence and do not break down any further - so no getting old. I don’t think it should change the amount of time taken to become an adult.

Puberty is triggered by hormonal changes in the body. It’s not really a result of deterioration. It’s like a caterpillar becoming a pupa and then a butterfly. It’s not doing it because it’s deteriorating.

But who fucking knows really, I don’t study Biology. I’m probably at least 70% right though, depends on what Vetex and/or a more knowledgeable person says later.


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As far as I’m aware, magic does not slow your aging to your prime, but definitely has some effects afterwards. Curses for example have a person age normally until their prime if they are younger than their prime, and cease aging entirely if they are past their prime.

So magic doesn’t slow people’s aging until they reach their prime?

That seems to be the case, as without that Theos would have never lived as long as he did.

Well, if magic started slowing his aging earlier than that he would’ve lived longer probably

If you are even capable of being able to use magic, then yes 8 - 21 will usually be the range you unlock your first mind. Youngest most likely having the strongest blood|magic relation

What? No? Theos was old but not THAT old, being gifted in magic doesn’t mean you get to live forever, unlike curse users.

Theo was >800 years old.