LoserNamedMidnight art thread: Reopened



super lit!!


Hey, I felt like I spammed this thread a little last week so I kept these two. I’m on vacation now so I will take a short hiatus

Here are two drawings that I made
This one is sort of an inside joke, and I made it upon request on my free commission thread I have in some server (free ideas for what to draw lmao)

Siren art that I promised a long time ago but never actually made

and some small extras

Three more doodle-ish drawings, two from my “commissions” thread and one is just practice


There’s just something about pencil & paper drawings that can’t be replicated by digital art.


Oh yep I forgot to keep this thread alive

Here is the clean version of the drawing I made of Corrina for Lettuce

I took like almost the whole morning to do this

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A small “project” I worked on this weekend

It was supposed to be a joke about the pure vitality class being called Oracle now. The file I drew is the one I was gonna turn into a warden, but I guess that wouldn’t happen because it’s gonna be an oracle. Instead I drew her as a warden from minecraft.

This was going to be posted on the art category but after reconsideration I don’t think I want this to be there.

Enough yapping here is the actual drawing

Sketch + unedited version

These two have extra detail on the hand, which was something I didn’t include in the sketch and ended up editing out because I didn’t like how it turned out


more about this coming soon (also, I’m aware of the exceptionally horrible camera quality on this one, I took it when I was in a hurry)


my friend was apparently having something against the way I drew noses before but we’re good!!

It’s almost the end of the schoolyear for me, I know a lot of people are already celebrating their vacation but I still have like 3 whole weeks to go (including exams of course). I feel like I improved my art style and techniques a lot over the past year with little to no help, and I’m thankful for anyone who shows respect for my work.

So enjoy your vacations for those who are already enjoying them, put those last efforts in your exams for those who are struggling with them and end the final weeks on a good note for those like me who still have a bit to go.


Hey this isn’t ao…

a little something from something I tried to do today. It is not finished, but I sent this in some servers already so I may as well just post it here

more stuff coming tomorrow if I remember to post it

Remind me to come back here tomorrow, my likes ran out today.

I drew 4 characters (2 unnamed but shh) from games I played recently as each other (outfit switch basically)

The games are Decaying Winter, Apocalypse Rising 2, Arcane Odyssey and Airship Assault

My sister named Jackie btw lol

This was more like practice for me because when I wanted to draw something I would often just hold a pen and stare at the paper, or take a lot of time to draw just a few lines. I tried to force this one out, and it worked out pretty well actually.


I’ll get the actual characters in-game sometime when I remember


Alright so here they are:

Decaying Winter

Apocalypse Rising 2

Arcane Odyssey

Airship Assault

Had a few spare hours and Flare and Dubious left an image of their Arcane characters in Darkane