Lost magic rant

okay can we please just like, look at this?

what do you notice on the magic types?

you may notice these 4 bastards keep appearing:

:fire_magic: :lightning_magic_var1: :light_magic_var1: :shadow_magic:

and like, barely anything else that pertains to some kind of evolved form of a base magic.

sure, there’s frostmetal, and slash, for ice, metal, and wind respectively, and poison lightning (what the fuck even is this? also, lightning again), diamond magic (literally the most lazy crystal reskin ever made bruv), and stuff like blizzard for snow and lunar magic (light and water, light being a repeat offender aswell.) but theres a lot of magics that don’t get special forms really, or nearly as much as the 4 magics stated above.

magma doesn’t have any forms… (im kinda surprised magma wasn’t a repeat offender)

acid doesn’t have any forms… (maybe like alkaline magic??)

sand doesn’t… (sand deserved better)

ash doesn’t… (i mean maybe apocalypse bringer but thats like more explosion)

wood doesn’t… (how on earth did vetex not add plant magic?)

even the magics that did get evolved forms, did NOT get nearly as many forms as fire lightning shadow and light, getting maybe maximum like 2 extra forms or 1.

not to mention how genuinely bad some of these are.

diamond magic = white crystal magic.

mud magic = why is this even a lost magic?

poison lightning = ???

don’t get me wrong, there are a few great ideas in the lost magics, like gravity, sound, and sacrifice magic, but like so many magics are based off of the same goddamn 4 magics it seems unfair, and there should be more evolutions for other magics.

also balance magic should not exist.

I’m sorry but the concept of it is so bad I can’t even begin contemplating the sheer amount of just wrong that balance is.


poison lightning was a custom magic in aa made for vetex’s brother iirc



agreed, balance sounds like its useless except for trolling

based :pensive:

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dude imagine being a legendary hero who spent hours getting rep and then some demon troll balance user ruins your grinding in seconds


i think that would also ruin the demon’s rep too though

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Dustdevil magic would’ve been such a good idea…

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thats another issue.

reputation literally loses its meaning if balance exists

maybe an ultimate art?

this is so good

better than fucking diamond magic smh white crystal goofy ahh magic

nah, like sandstorm as a lost magic


At least it isn’t another fucking lightning magic

wind + sand based af, if this was a lost magic i’d choose it as a second in a heartbeat


there is around 22 energy based lost magics.

do you wanna know the others?

there are:




AND FOR GAS? ALSO 0 (i mean electron and poison lightning but like those are energy based as well)

I’d like to remind you lost magics are literal years away. The suggestions category is 7 months away.
So don’t worry.
You’ll have plenty of time to suggest a lost magic.

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do you agree though that at the current way it’s looking lost magics seem extremely unevenly distributed through magics?

every lost magic in a nutshell:

:fire_magic: :lightning_magic_var1: :light_magic_var1: :shadow_magic: :skull:

Oh I agree. That’s why im saying wait for it to open up.
Vetex has alot more to worry about rn than making a few other lost magics.
So wait until the suggestion channel is open again.