Lost Things - Part ?/13, The Test [ Average Day in Magius ]

Writer's note before reading

welp I felt like doing some quick and rough test for something I’m planning to make
there won’t be a legit story to read for now (unlike official parts), there’ll be one of the storyteller’s ramblings here instead

so yeah, here’s some experimental thing I made during online classes (I know I’m totally a model student here haha)

Greetings, readers.

I’m simply here to read the story of the people.
Both gains and losses, they’re within this tale.
Just like the average ones you’ve heard.

For this story, we’ll refer to it as “Lost Things”.
Nothing really special about it. It’s simply a story about finding things they have lost, or yet to be obtained…

— Ah, my bad. I forgot to mention who was I talking about.
If you’re wondering who’s finding the lost things, it’ll be revealed later.
For basics, they’re the main characters of this tale.

John Salore, with something he has yet to find.
Carson Calding, with something he has lost.
And Virgil Barion, with something he has lost, and yet to find.

All the things I just mentioned might be a myth or a fact.
But after all, I’m not the person who weaves this story.
I’m simply a storyteller.

Who am I, you ask?
My identity is not important here.
I’m a storyteller, not a performer.

But since there’ll be other storytellers with their stories in hand…
You can call me Water.
I’m only saying this to separate my identity with the other storytellers, with their own stories and quirks.

That’s it for the test. There are no pages to be read at the moment.
You can leave this place now.

May your journeys be safe.

— Storyteller: ‘Water’


gib more

technically speaking I’m supposed to be doing homework rn

man the parallels from the other side of the world


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