Macobre + Meta change your username

So before I joined the forum my username on discord was sub45 and I logged in through discord and a while after joining I changed it to Kandy(My discord username) I expected my forum username to change to Kandy to but it didn’t so is there a way for it to be changed.

Edit - Changed the topic name because Macrobe changed my username and others too so people who wanted to change their username can ask macrobe.

The only way is to convince a mod as far as I’m aware

@liu Is it possible for you to change my username


Can you change it to Kandy?



OMG! Thanks a LOT.

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Change my username to just ”Level” pls pls pls.


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Can you change mine to Mako if that is possible.


change my name to Yellow Man

@liu ye

wot u want it be

What, I was just mimicking you having to say yes lol.

but maybe Rose…

Nice hat btw :nod:

tyty, u sure u want rose?

I mean, if you dont mind

ye u can have it

nvm it’s not “unique”

lmao, I would think not

f, the name is taken by an account that’s never made a single post lmao

fat f