Magic Combo Themes/Ideas

List of named combos I’ve compiled for anyone interested. Just ideas for 2nd/3rd magic routes that people could potentially take and/or names that common combos could be referred to as. By no means a guide, just for fun.

Aesthetic = Impractical - Counterintuitive (looks only)

Synergy = Somewhat Practical - Viable

Miscellaneous Theme

:fire_magic: :poison_magic_var2:

Furnace Synergy

:plasma_magic_var1: :poison_magic_var1:

Microwave Synergy

:acid_magic_var2: :poison_magic_var1: :ash_magic:

Toxic Synergy

:fire_magic: :wind_magic_var3: :ash_magic:

Tobacco Synergy

:ice_magic_var1: :water_magic_var1: :iron_magic_var1:/:explosion_magic:

Icebreaker Synergies

:glass_magic: :explosion_magic: :crystal_magic_var3:

Shatter Synergy

:shadow_magic: :poison_magic_var1: :ash_magic:

Shroud Aesthetic

:glass_magic: :crystal_magic_var1: :ice_magic_var1:

Crystalline/Prismatic Synergy

:ice_magic_var1: :wind_magic_var1: :plasma_magic_var2:

Thermal Synergy

:snow_magic: :wind_magic_var1: :magma_magic:

Neutralizing Synergy

:shadow_magic: :earth_magic_var3: :water_magic_var3:

Cave Aesthetic

:crystal_magic_var2: :light_magic_var2: :iron_magic_var1:

Flashbang Synergy

Hot Themes

:magma_magic: :gold_magic_var1:

Molten Metal Synergy

:fire_magic:/:plasma_magic_var2: :iron_magic_var1:

Forge Synergies

:fire_magic: :ash_magic: :plasma_magic_var2:

Cremation Synergy

:fire_magic: :plasma_magic_var2: :magma_magic:

Infernal Synergy

:fire_magic: :plasma_magic_var2: :lightning_magic_var2:

Smite Synergy

Cold Theme

:snow_magic: :wind_magic_var2:

Blizzard Synergy

:ice_magic_var2: :snow_magic: :water_magic_var1:

Wintry Mix Synergy

:ice_magic_var2: :wind_magic_var2: :snow_magic:

Ice Storm Synergy

:earth_magic_var1: :water_magic_var3: :ice_magic_var3:

Permafrost Synergy

:earth_magic_var1: :water_magic_var3: :snow_magic:

Sludge Synergy

:ice_magic_var2: :wind_magic_var1: :lightning_magic_var3:

Hail Storm Synergy

Sea Theme

:shadow_magic: :water_magic_var3:

Deep Sea Aesthetic

:water_magic_var2: :sand_magic_var2: :wood_magic_var2:

Palm Beach Aesthetic

:lightning_magic_var1: :sand_magic_var2: :water_magic_var2:
Coastal Storm Synergy

:water_magic_var2: :sand_magic_var2: :light_magic_var1:
Beach Aesthetic

:water_magic_var3: :wind_magic_var1: :lightning_magic_var1:

Sea Storm Aesthetic

Desert/Badland Theme

:sand_magic_var1: :wind_magic_var3:

Sandstorm Aesthetic

:sand_magic_var1: :earth_magic_var4:

Ancient Synergy

:sand_magic_var3: :earth_magic_var1:

Canyon Synergy

:sand_magic_var1: :fire_magic: :light_magic_var1:

Desert Synergy

:sand_magic_var3: :ash_magic: :explosion_magic:

Dustbowl Synergy

Volcanic Theme

:magma_magic: :fire_magic: :ash_magic:

Vesuvius Synergy

:magma_magic: :explosion_magic: :ash_magic:

Tambora Synergy

:magma_magic: :fire_magic: :explosion_magic:

Ring of Fire Synergy

:magma_magic: :ash_magic: :lightning_magic_var2:

Volcanic Lightning Aesthetic

:magma_magic: :earth_magic_var3: :crystal_magic_var5:

Igneous Synergy

:magma_magic: :glass_magic:/:crystal_magic_var4: :ice_magic_var1:

Volcanic Glass Synergies

:magma_magic: :acid_magic_var2: :fire_magic:

Sulfur Volcano Synergy

Natural Theme

:wood_magic_var1: :shadow_magic:

Woods Synergy

:wood_magic_var1: :water_magic_var2: :wind_magic_var3:

Rainforest Aesthetic

:earth_magic_var1: :iron_magic_var1: :crystal_magic_var2:

Earthen/Ore Synergy

:sand_magic_var3: :earth_magic_var1: :crystal_magic_var5:

Geology Synergy

:water_magic_var4: :earth_magic_var1: :wood_magic_var1:

Swamp Aesthetic

:water_magic_var1: :wood_magic_var1: :light_magic_var1:

Growth Aesthetic

:fire_magic: :ash_magic: :wood_magic_var3:

Petrified Wood Synergy

:snow_magic: :water_magic_var4: :acid_magic_var1:

Spring Acid Shock/Acid Precipitation Synergy

:fire_magic: :plasma_magic_var2: :wood_magic_var1:

Wildfire Synergy

Celestial Theme

:plasma_magic_var1: :explosion_magic:

Supernova Synergy

:earth_magic_var2: :light_magic_var2:

Lunar/Comet Synergy

:plasma_magic_var2: :fire_magic: :light_magic_var1:

Solar Synergy

:fire_magic: :plasma_magic_var1: :explosion_magic:

Hypernova Synergy

Reaction Theme

:acid_magic_var1: :iron_magic_var2:

Rust/Oxidizing Synergy

:crystal_magic_var6: :light_magic_var1:

Refraction/Spectrum Synergy

:light_magic_var1: :iron_magic_var1:

Reflection/Mirror Synergy

:lightning_magic_var1: :iron_magic_var1:

Lightning Rod Synergy

:fire_magic: :explosion_magic:

Combustion Synergy

:lightning_magic_var1: :water_magic_var1: :ice_magic_var1:

Superconductor Synergy

:iron_magic_var1: :water_magic_var1: :lightning_magic_var1:

Short Circuit Synergy

:iron_magic_var1: :acid_magic_var2: :lightning_magic_var3:

Electrolyte Synergy

:acid_magic_var2: :explosion_magic: :ash_magic:

Alchemy Synergy

:lightning_magic_var2: :sand_magic_var1: :glass_magic:

Fulgurite Synergy

:plasma_magic_var1: :lightning_magic_var3: :wind_magic_var3:

Superheating Synergy

:water_magic_var2: :ice_magic_var1: :crystal_magic_var6:

Supersaturation Synergy

:acid_magic_var2: :lightning_magic_var3: :plasma_magic_var1:

Ionic Synergy

:ash_magic: :explosion_magic: :wind_magic_var2:

Nuclear Winter Synergy


These are great, nice work

hmm yes, ideas

oh yea and before the tgr was even planned, i was thinking of a combo of,
sand, magma/fire/glass but Fulgurite makes more sense

i feel like a few crystal combos could fit into natural theme

I was looking for a way to make my character desert themed, gonna steal the sand/ash/explosion one >:)

I like it. Might use something I just dont know

…This is making me want to make a file themed around desert/badlands, because Sand Magic is pog.

that nuclear winter synergy looking kinda cool tho
:ash_magic: :explosion_magic: :wind_magic_var3:
i swear i played too much poison to make me think that wind also clears ash clouds, turns out based on the docs it doesnt and i makes me want to use that synergy to combine all the 3 playstyles i like which are

  • funny clouds, area control, passive damage (ash)
  • brute force, nuke, intense AoE (explosion)
  • the trollface (wind)

Also Wind deals 40% more petrified targets

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yeah but wind as 3rd mind could possibly do not much damage anyway so it could be used defensively for status clear and funny knockback
maybe as a 2nd mind could work

Nah all the magics will deal the same damage regardless of what mind you get them. The only thing that the order of minds will probably limit by the time you max out every mind is certain spell types (since Awakened Tier while it was planned was limited to starter magics and we’ll probably get something similar since those types of spells are still coming)

well thats good to hear

Trigno if he was actually a volcano :pensive:

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