Magic TGR Lore?

So, lore wise, how the heck does magic even work. In AA, you could only have 3 minds, but according to the new lore, you can get 5. BUT, because of Arcane Odyssey throwing that all out, does this mean we only get 3 Magic’s? Not just that, how would we even have more magic. By logic, the original games only had like 7 Magics, and now there’s a LOT MORE! Didn’t it say like the Magic’s were over time developed and stuff?

I’m not much of an expert on AA lore, but I believe… Vetex can save the world from the Odyssey nation…

Uhm . . . Maybe it’s just different in the War Seas :sweat_smile:?

No no no no, you could of have more I am pretty sure lore wise.

The other magic like plasma and the others are mutation, the 7 magic in AA were the originals

You’ll learn soon just be patient

(also you were never going to have 5 minds, lost and primordial magics work differently)

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War seas don’t make sense to me how could they be so oblivious of what was going on. vetex explain

Its on the opposite side of the world… do you think the americas cared about what was going on in asia back in like 1200?


They traded with them a lot, idk (also RIP the Middle East, which is part of Asia)

Yeah I agree, but there were literally gods fighting and earthquakes that shattered islands they should of felt something.

O true, didn’t a good portion of the world kind of just . . .

I think vetex and tech might take the part where chaos literally ripped out a piece of the earth. and replace it with something more smaller so it makes more sense, because like yoo can a piece of earth go into space and not even notice unless everyone in the war seas are blind and deaf and don’t have legs

well they’re on the entire other die of the world they’re not gonna care, and also war usually leads to lots of new developments

No, they did not.

Silk road is one example and was in operation until the 1400s (established in like 130 B.C.) and was a major trade route between the two, assuming Ve meant specifically East Asia. The Middle East is still Asia, and Europe had a good deal of contact with people there (ex. the Crusades)

what if we get mutations back

What’s going to happen to kings, I really loved that part of world of magic can you please keep that I beg

plasma is mutation .-.

I’m like 90% sure that it’ll end up being that the War Seas probably developed the new way of magic, due to their warring ways. It makes sense, as war brings innovations, and thus, magic use like no other in the world before it.

There is no land connection between America and Afroeurasia. The silk road did not connect the two. There was no trading between America and the old world until after 1492.