Make up silly terms for AO

It has come to my attention that there’s an awful lack of seemingly silly terms (for outsiders) for actions or certain types of players in Arcane Odyssey.
The main ones most people would probably know are “metamancer” and relatively common gaming phrases like “ganker” or “pvphead”
Therefore, we should come up with some more seemingly silly phrases for things which people will only actually understand once they actually play the game.

I have thought of one myself already. (I don’t have the inspiration to make up more right now.)

Instead of the phrase “turret mage”, you could use “castle” (the player casts spells, hence the “cast” part, and the suffix “le” indicates that it’s a repeated action. (also the fact that they don’t move, and that they send out attacks as a kind of defence in offence, similar to what a castle would do in real life ))


widespread use of the derogatory slur “fodder”

fodder is our word. you can use fodda :triumph:


this is very fun and interesting unfornately my memory is sht

Pretty sure I’ve heard some people call each other Arcaneheads

Referring to someone who actively plays the game in a group of people who all quit/burnt out

gravy is a pretty good one

gravy and asssyndicate

maybe tump, an abbreviation for t jump (it actually means hill or mound, which makes it silly)
and tumper could be people that always use a t jump right before attacking

“Shorehuggers” for people with more than 3k fish caught and have more time sitting around fishing than actually playing the game

“Chest Goblin” for peeps that only do chest routes (me)

“Chart Gremlin” a nasty lil gremlin that sails around the game only to do charts (also me)


“Fish faces” for people who always do diving points and underwater structures

Gonna steal one from Warhammer 40k. Orks like to use the word Dakka to describe firepower.

From now on, all gun-toting NPCs will hereby be known as Dakkas.

Or, if we embrace our inner Ork, DAKKA DAKKA SHOOTAS.

arcaneheads unite

pvphead, pvehead, pvp demon, pve demon

Arcane Dentures and World of Mac. AO will get one when vetex inevitably gives up on it.

Should have one for the crazy amount of light/lighting conjurers I swear there’s so many.


BAHA I read that as lingerie :sob:

“free thinkers” :robot:

whats wrong with the assasin syndicate :sob:

assassin syndicate takes way too long to say and it’s a bit too many Ss
asssyndicate is both easier and quicker to say, also it’s way funnier

the few I’ve come up with:

plaguelock - poison warlock
alloytard - a metal glass cannon mage
whales - should be obvious, but size minmaxxers or earth/explosion users
speedcreep - people who minmax attack speed
assies - assassin players