Make up silly terms for AO

New Forums-specific word: Optie. For when someone unreasonably just shoots down anything and everything you try to suggest. You can use it as a verb, or as a noun; “Bro just pulled an Optie.”

(Yes, this was a shameless plug on my part, but it was also a good example of the usage of the new word).

omd hes done this so many times :skull:

Screenshot 2024-05-06 130434

I love this

MicroMage/ Micro-mages: Someone who uses a poison cloud and plasma magic (microwave). The micro can be for a micro pp but also for a microwave.

you have to keep in mind that

means that they are more intelligent (in ye olden days)

therefore, macromage would work better

depends on how you look at it. if youre english then hes smart but if hes english then ur not pulling any bitches