Make up truly surreal acts to do that normally shouldn't happen at all

for example:

breakdancing in a beach towel with no clothes on in the middle of town square

walking into a crowd with a loaded gun and shooting everyone for no reason

throwing hamburgers at middle aged men and middle aged men specifically

licking people’s lawns and then barking aggressively when questioned

igniting a forest with gasoline and a match and then blasting classical music as you play the violin amidst in the blaze

staring at a wall. for 9 hours.

scream randomly, point at the air, and start running for your life.

blow up the furry convention (actually, this one is okay to do.)

steal sesame seeds from every mcdonalds with a fake mustache on

getting high and then boxing while smoking weed

and so on

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Playing skyrim without a screen.

These normally shouldn’t happen? Looks like a casual Wednesday for me

At this point, playing AO amirite?


divanochi if these are casual acts on a wednesday for you we need to talk.

most people do this stuff on a saturday.

I like to live on the edge


being on roblox in general :troller:

but in all honesty, roblox is so surreal in it’s own right.

it’s literally a megacorporation that’s somehow killing ITSELF.

you’re the guy who walks with scissors like this

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like, are we not gonna talk about the insane amounts of pedophilia cover ups and scandals they’ve had? ruben sim already does a super job at showing the world the awful rabbit hole of roblox moderation and predators, and I bet there’s still probably loads more we haven’t heard of.

and on top of that, LITERALLY trying to sue ruben for exposing this issue, instead of fixing it, actually attempting to silence him instead of fixing their own god forsaken platform.

oh and don’t even get me started on Rthro.

I do that sometimes :person_shrugging:

playing arcane odyssey in real life

If I see this floating midair, I’m definitely running tbh.


Screenshot 2022-10-20 11.06.13 PM


i mean, that’s even more surreal

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I think I’m gonna put salami sticks in my pants while I’m at it and wear a t-shirt of sonic and barack obama kissing :+1:

actually, screw it, if i see this I’m done


wanna slingshot expired vegetables at it?

It is an expired vegetable, its brethren can’t harm it.

I propose we slingshot a nuclear bomb covered in glitter at it

we’d need several prob