actually that’s be cool too

bandaid solution to hyperinflation on day 1 too

thought we were talking about the forum category cause auction house exists and i can just look in there ftmp. but we’re actually talking about the auction house so;

for the question at hand tho, most likely, i mostly traded stuff w/ ppl for vanity, gear, new items, etc. to achieve whatever gimmick/ appearance i’m triyng to do for a file during wom and isn’t changing for ao

assuming my bloated inv from chest hunting and my continued chest, sealed chests, fishing , dark sea expeditions shenanigans don’t already give me what i desire

actually since i’m watching made in abyss, play dw pve, and that i’m looking for file ideas for all build paths and what not, a dark sea expedition based organization or character wouldn’t be a bad idea. helps make that stuff super sophisticated as well and not have the need to necessarily get gear for a file to survive and do that dark seas and just do self transfering

o boy i can just feel and imagine the ideas flooding in already, gotta get 30+ files done somehow

and likely any excess i’m probably just bargin off for some galleons for upgrades, file funds, items like rare/lost/ancient spells and magics, etc.

I am honestly too fucking lazy to actually make an intelligent detailed response since I’ve been awake for so long so I’ll just compile my thoughts and bring up what you said vaguely

never fucking mind i apparently wrote an essay wth it didnt feel that long

I didn’t say that rare items wouldn’t be sold I’m just saying a lot of people would probably prefer to trade them for other rare items rather than galleons unless like they can get better gear with those galleons or idk just want galleons, but as I said, I don’t really think the average player would sell an ancient/lost magic for galleons if they have other rare items they can also sell, I just don’t see why they’d do that unless galleons could buy them something better than ancient/lost magics?

It’s not a question of building up your galleons or not, even if people did I do not think all of them would have enough galleons to afford a lost/ancient spell in the first place anyway, honestly it’s probably the same thing if you’re trying to find someone with equal items just not on a global scale Ig only unless you’re selling the mfor cheap enough to where shittons of people can/are willing to buy it.

Nobody uses high tier items to downgrade to low/mid tier items though, usually something a smidge more valuable not for example use a strong sunken sword to downgrade to tons of seasonals, it’d be more common for someone to use like a clean sunken armour piece or something; not a sss.

Well yeah fair but you can also do the same thing with trading I would say on a bigger scale but nah you can prob like snipe a cheap rare item and sell it for way more so it’s the same thing, basically both are the same thing the only thing galleons have that item trading doesnt is that u cant use items to buy stuff in-game

in conclusion: I do not think it’s likely at all for trading to have no purpose cuz of the reasons above and people (or not enough people if ur bulk selling) might not just always have the amount of galleons you want, so perhaps youd want to trade your item for an item of theirs + galleons in the trade, or many more scenarios really. Though this is all speculation

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very interesting i didn’t know there was a development list for this as well and thought it was just the run down like they did w/ auction house.

but it’s nice to see that we can also track and have a sense of time when market place can and will be updated

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I just recently made it today, I am hoping to finish the back-end stuff before mid-december and hopefully early december.

Once thats done I hand the lua module over to vetex and he implements the UI and some aspects of saving.

we are hoping to get it into AO before release.


Damn that sucks bidding honestly sounds pretty fun (Hypixel skyblock bidding war flashbacks) so i hope this is eventually re-added :smiley:

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Bidding adds a bunch more complexity to the equation since everything has to be near real-time

headless helping vetex make game instead of playing on bluestacks??? incredible

anyways pog, i really love auction house systems so am very excited to be able to use it. read the card and it seems quite complicated. keep it up!

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Will do!

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