May all frost burn to ashes of Ravenna

im gonna be surprised if someone still remembers Sora Odyssey

Since AO is not out and I do not want to draw 2 people chatting so have 5 leak panels of Frostbite Burn, a special episode im making which will hopefully come out next year. happy new year everyone!

Thanks @JTN for desperately driving me to draw
these are the benefits of not playing deepwoken. get drawing. @Phewka @Fiter120


Oh shit :flushed:
He’s got a point tho
and this is HOT

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no way

Everything i see is deepwoken man every fucking thing

The deep is dragging me

The depths want you.

scratches head awkwardly

Yo this is lit af

DUDE dude… ok ok OK I’ll

wait wait NAHHHHHH

discord bot still dead…