May Writing Prompt: Rough Waters


Using the prompt: Just keep crying, nobody will hear you anyway.

I wrote this prompt in the span of 2 hours. I originally wrote a version where Ark was supposed to go insane and murder Drew thinking he was a bandit that was raiding the ship, but I scrapped that.

Ark had just turned thirteen. Yet in all those thirteen years, only one was spent living on solid land. The rest had been on the same floating concoction of planks. Held together by loose screws and ropes. Most of all, it had been tattered and wrecked beyond repair. Torn sails and splintered planks defined the frigate. It was quite ironic. A mighty ship, meant to carry the force of a full crew, only held two starving boys. The Fifth Sea had already been devoid of people. Pirates were a scarcity. Even so, the brothers lived on the scraps of food and quenched their thirst from rainwater. Hopping from island to island, could only provide so many resources. Staying too long, Their days on the Fifth Sea had been long. Day after day of blood stains and raiding ships had become a daily routine for the brothers. Although their actions had become routine, the loneliness on the sea ate away at their minds.

The frigate sailed across the murky water. Ark planted his chest on the railing, and looked down towards the water. He searched for his reflection on the streams of water that coursed from the side of the frigate. Ark kept his fingers close to his dagger. It was hidden in a small pouch on his leggings. Ark’s fingers were dipped into the opening of the pocket. Ready to draw at a moment’s notice. Clutching his keepsake settled his nerves.

“Get up. You won’t find anything below.” said Drew as he approached his brother. Ark pounced back and drew his dagger forward. Drew held his right hand up to protect his face. He pushed the dagger away from himself. Then took Ark’s hand as he stood frozen in fear and disarmed him. Drew placed the dagger back in his pocket and walked off to his chambers below deck.

“Tell me immediately if you see anything.” demanded Drew from below deck.
Ark stared at his hand. It shook and vibrated viciously. He grasped it with his other hand to hold it in place, but to no avail. Then he reached for his dagger, and held it over his shaky hand. The vibrations extended to his arm, and now to the arm where he held his dagger. Ark whined in worry. His breaths were quicker with each second.

Then it all came crashing down. Ark’s breathing was stable. His shoulders relaxed as his arms dropped to the floor, bringing Ark to his knees. The tip of the silver straight-edged dagger was wedged in his right forearm.

Tears spawned from his eyes. Blood leaked from his forearm. The fluids flowed like a gentle river down his skin, before spilling onto the deck. “Drew!” cried Ark as he continued to wail. Footsteps stomped their way up towards the deck. “Ark! Not again!” Drew ran over to Ark and yanked the dagger out of his arm. He carefully placed it back in the same pocket. Neither of them had been fazed at the sight of blood.

“Dang it!” said Drew. He paced around the deck, sighing heavily. He then grabbed his brother’s shoulders and propped him up. Ark slowly turned his head to face Drew. Drew stared at Ark. Noting each feature of his fragile face. The tears flooded his eyes. Dirt stained his once smooth olive skin, giving it a much darker tone. He then looked past Ark and focused his view on their surroundings. Grey fog surrounded them for as far as he could see. The blurry outlines of large rocks and islands came and went like mirages in a desert. Drew couldn’t help but to break out a smile.

“Just keep crying, nobody will hear you anyway.” Drew spread Ark’s tears around his cheek with his thumb. Using the tears, he smudged off the dirt. Revealing Ark’s natural olive-colored skin. “Keep crying. Use those tears of yours to clean yourself.” Ark sniffled and nodded in affirmation. Tears still flowed from his eyes like a waterfall, but his heart was calm. The stinging pain of the stab wound faded away. A bit of relaxation in this cruel world sent Ark into a daydream. One where he saw himself in a field of grass with his brother. His parents alive, and watching them carefully from behind.

“I’ll get some cloth from the cabin. Just wait here Ark.” said Drew, before he disappeared below deck. Ark wiped his face with his tears, just as Drew said.

Smooth skin felt quite nice in the rough waters.