May writing Prompt

I’ve written a story for this, (HOPEFULLY) MONTHLY WRITING PROMPTS - May Edition! thanks @BNTarwarn for the Idea.

Alex turned around. The light was so bright so he had to look back at the ship he was the captain of. His ship consisted of seven crew members and the cabin boy. He had no idea what had happened but the ship was being flung far from the blinding sphere that seemed to be continuing to gain size. The seven seas were gone or so he believed.

The next morning Alex woke up, still strapped to the steering wheel. “Ugh, my head,” he moaned. He hosted himself up on shaky legs to get a gist of where they were. The forward mast had been shattered and was gone, while the back of the ship and Alex were covered in burns. No land could be seen for miles around. Alex shakely untied himself and stumbled down the stairs. He leaned up against the side and retched. Alex didn’t get seasick but whatever happened really affected him.

“Hey captain,” a sailor said coming out of the hold.

Alex turned around to look at him, “Hi Steve. Who is still alive?”

“You, me, Kyle, and Rebecca. Those are the people currently in the hold, everyone else, well we can’t find them.” Steve answered.

“Well then, I guess we might as well be the last people alive,” sighed Alex.

“Well if we are the last, let’s make the most of it,” Steve responded.

The next few days were spent with constant working. When they saw the Island it was like God had opened the gates of heaven to them. The five of them busied themselves with getting ready to head out to the island (Mathew had been found tied up to the side of the ship with ropes). There were enough boats for everyone, they weren’t worried about someone taking the ship; it didn’t even cross their minds. Paddling to the island’s shore, Mathew got off the boat and kissed the sand with joy before whooping and running deeper into the Island. Everyone else was so happy they also ran into the island to find fruits or something that would make it better.

After exploring for a little bit, Steve found the ruins. There was a giant castle or kingdom here at one point but now all that was left were ruins. Steve explored lightly suddenly, very wary with a spell on his lips. There were skeletons everywhere, a great battle had been fought here but for what Steve could not tell. He heard a clatter behind him and nearly blasted away Mathew with a fireball spell.

“Ahhh! Oh my goodness you nearly killed me,” Mathew laughed, “Thank goodness you’re such a bad shot.”

“Real funny Mathew. Aren’t these ruins creepy?” Steve asked.

“They are, but look what I found,” Mathew said holding up a beautiful blue blade that seemed to be made of sapphires. The blade had ruins on it but neither Mathew nor Steve could decipher them.

“That sword is pretty, could I have it?” Steve asked.

“Um no. I found it so it’s mine,” Mathew answered, holding it back from Steve.

“But I’m the co-captain,” Steve spoke with venom in his voice.

“What are you to idiots talking about!” Rebecca yelled suddenly. Rebecca and Kyle had been exploring the ruins as well. No one knew where Alex was.

“Steve here is trying to take this cool sword I found,” answered Mathew.

Rebecca glanced at the sword and then stopped, “Well to settle this maybe I should have it.”

“What!” Steve yelled, “Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you get everything.”

“I think I should have it as well, “ Kyle stated.

“Oh no, this sword is mine!” Yelled Mathew forming a magic circle.

Rebecca suddenly launched a spell of her own at Mathew and then it became chaos, lightning, snow, light, and fire were flying everywhere as the four of them tried to kill each other. Mathew ended up stabbing Rebecca with the sword before a lightning bolt pierced his skull, fired by Kyle. Kyle didn’t get to bask in his victory for long before Steve burnt him into a crisp. Steve ripped the sword out of Rebecca’s chest and decapitated her with it to make sure she was dead.

Steve was walking back when a dagger came sailing through the air and embedded itself in the side of his head. Alex walked up and picked up the blue sword before reading the ruins on it. “All who view this sword with their own eyes will want it more than anything and do anything to get it,” Alex spoke aloud. “This truly is the dark sea ain’t it. I had my assumptions but now I know. The dark sea kills everyone and everything that enters it.” Alex then took the sword and plunged it into his own chest so he would never lose it.