Maybe good idea to buff plasma? the new abilities of the scorched status effect :plasma_magic_var1:

Maybe good idea to buff plasma? the new abilities of the scorched status effect :plasma_magic_var1:
effort 4.0 2 quality 4.0 2 reasonability 2.333333333333333 3

plasma can’t melt earth, at least not in game it can’t. And if we’re doing custom clash synergies, then water should just completely ignore any clashes from a solid magic and instead just form around said heavy magic while continuing on it’s way.

I can understand what you were trying to do here, but this just still doesn’t make sense. Keep cooking, maybe one day you’ll cook something great.

This sounds patronizing and I’m now slightly tilted.

probably because I have made good suggestions before and this one just, was not it.

I’m new here so I didn’t know about this one. It’s just that this topic simply didn’t make any sense to me at all, so I thought you could be as new as I am here as well.

I don’t really browse peoples profiles much. Sorry if I came off that way.

it’s fine I guess, I dunno I guess I’ve always had a track record for meh suggestions.

my best suggestion only ever got like 50 votes


it was this one:

Oh, that’s actually a pretty cool idea. I’ll vote for that one instead.

or not

How is your player burning related to lore or spirit energy in some way that stats are lowered? Or are the stat lowering effects due to your armor burning?

Too wacky for a base magic, also plasma base damage + imbue is getting buffed

Too op imo

Plasma is a base magic, base magics aren’t really supposed to be overly complex unlike their later counterparts, and it also doesn’t really fit plasma

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 1.16.06 PM
Is it really though, it’s stats are just barely lower than fire while it’s speed and clash rate is quite higher, different niches entirely to an extent

not really blind to an idea for a plasma status rework though, this doesn’t fit the bill though

plasma is already a good magic but this would be a cool idea for a lost or ancient magic

really weird for plasma of all things to have that but anyway might as well check each possibilities individually

thats not too bad, beside how it comes from nowhere and plasma doesnt need it but thats true for all possibilities

itd feel even more random than the first choice and isnt intuitive at all. also the example of a reverse resistance aura is super broken, that just means all attacks when the opponent is scorched get a massive damage boost

well its the same thing as the first so not gonna repeat myself. fire doesnt need that either

Feels too complex for a base magic.

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