Mercury's Novel: Part II

Chapter 4: Fateful Meeting

The sun was beginning to set over the continent of Magius. To everyone else, this would just be a normal night. But for our three chosen, this would be the beginning of the biggest moment of their lives.

Dakota had already been waiting at the spot on the map. A large structure with a gaping entrance, not too far from the Oster Cemetery. He stood in front of it, looking up in wonder. He had rarely ever been outside of Summerhold, let alone this far. It’s not that he wouldn’t have liked to, but… there would be punishment if he were to go against his father’s wishes. Dakota shook the thoughts out of his head. He was on a mission from the King, of all people! It was no time to get into his own thoughts.

Step. Step. Step.

Dakota was too busy looking up at the structure to notice any noise. Eventually, he turned back to face the sunset. Instead of seeing the sun, he saw someone standing there.

Punctual as he was, Jerome Salore had arrived, exactly at sundown.

“wAAAAAA-” Dakota stumbled backwards, falling onto his backside as he now stared up at the other wizard.

Jerome tilted his head down slightly to get a better look at Dakota. His critical glare was analyzing as he sized up his fellow wizard. Was this one of the people he was supposed to be working with? He didn’t look like much.

“Are you one of the others I’m working with?” The ash wizard asked, his tone flat and harsh. He didn’t seem to carry a great deal of interest in Dakota himself, but rather what he would provide to this little impromptu team.

“A-Ah… so you were sent here… too…?” Dakota gulped a bit. The presence this man gave off was scary to the snow wizard. He seemed so… serious. Almost like a soldier. Dakota slowly pushed himself off of the ground.

“Well… I’m… my name is… Dakota Shield. I hope that we can be… good friends!” The small teen stuck a shaky hand out to Jerome. That was how you did it, right?

Jerome simply looked down at the extended hand, and then back up to the face of Dakota.

“We won’t be friends. I’m here for a mission. Not to associate with you.” He spoke curtly and without malice, but his words still seemed to cut Dakota deep.

“Oh…” The snow wizard dropped his hand, a crestfallen look on his face. Fortunately, he wouldn’t have much time to dwell on this.

A few bushes rustled, and out sprinted a pretty simply dressed man in glasses, panting a bit. By now, the sun was almost gone, only barely peeking over the horizon.

“You’re late.” Jerome pointed out immediately as the man skidded to a halt.

“Oh Zeus almighty- one of you, huh? Lemme take a guess, 'we were all told to meet here at sundown sharp.” The newcomer spoke with a sarcastic tone, rolling his eyes as he mocked what he assumed Jerome was going to say. “I’m here. Nothing’s happened. So shove all that talk where the sun don’t shine, ya’ damn emo.”

Jerome gave the newcomer a dead stare. He was certainly not amused with the antics or the mans way of addressing people. “I am not an ‘emo.’ While on this mission, you will call me Jerome. My name.”

“Yeah, yeah. Jerome.” The newcomer took his glasses off, rubbing them on his shirt to clean them. He didn’t seem to care for or even acknowledge what Jerome had said.

“Well! If we’re all gonna be on a first name basis, mine’s Cutlass. Kirk Cutlass. Ya’ like what I did there?” Kirk gave a small snicker at his own joke as he placed his glasses back on his face.

“What about you over there, short n’ pasty? You got a name, snowball?”

Dakota flinched a bit at the little verbal jabs, and nodded meekly.

“Well, spill it! Me and redhead here have already talked, so the spotlight’s on you, kiddo!”

“I told you my name’s-” Jerome began

“Ah! Zip it, redhead. I’m askin’ the kid.” Kirk promptly cut him off.

“I-I’m… probably not that much younger than you…” Dakota muttered, before finally giving his name.

“Dakota Shield.” He did not reach out for a handshake this time. Perhaps the experience with Jerome had shaken him up a bit.

“Wow. Y’know, that kinda fits.” Kirk shrugged a bit. That… could have meant any number of things.

“If we’re done here…” Jerome pinched the bridge of his nose. He was about to say something, but he paused. Something had changed.

That temple they were in front of had began to shine. It had been dull at first; dull enough where nobody had noticed. But now, it was shining with a brilliant white light that illuminated the area around the trio perfectly.

“Whoa…” Dakota’s mouth formed into an ‘O’ shape. It… was so pretty.

“Ain’t that neat?” Kirk let out a small whistle as he looked upon the light.

“…We’re going in. That has to be the mission.” Jerome, without looking towards the other two, began to walk towards the light. He wasn’t all that keen on teamwork.

“Welp! In we go, says the emo. C’mon, snowman!” Kirk snapped his fingers, and began to stroll in after Jerome.

Finally, Dakota walked slowly forward, his face still one of complete amazement. At least… what wasn’t covered by that big scarf he insisted on wearing.

To be continued


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