Mirage Calling Bell Item

Mirage Calling Bell Item
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Add an item to summon boss mirages

I find it annoying that these bosses spawn and lock certain locations for travel when I don’t want to fight them.

Few cases like carina spawning during the Ravenna run away quest, which could also happen in future story mode progression can be easily avoided with an item as such

Mirage Calling Bell

This is just my idea of a item, It doesn’t really need to be a bell

This item will instead summon a boss’s mirage after defeating them

How to get this item?

The item’s drop can be made similar to the dark sea compass where you randomly find it after defeating iris from chests and such

Addressing common issues

  1. How will I know when the boss can be spawned? (read this)

Simply make it so that the boss’s “Signature item” or “marks” of the character appear on mirage grounds which prompt you to use the mirage bell when they are available

  1. Spam spawning?

No this item is simply for players to spawn bosses when required, they can’t just spawn the boss constantly as it will have a limit of 1 and have the same cooldown as current

  1. Unable to get the item?

This should never be a issue assuming it’s rate is similar to the dark sea compass or other tools, usually gained from random chests except this item will be available as soon as you defeat iris


  1. running out this item?

This is a PERMENENT ITEM, it’s basically giving the player the manual ability to spawn the boss after the cooldown instead of it automatically happening

If anyone brings more problems with the idea then I’ll list em here


great idea

Yea I have a problem. I Immediately fight Iris again to get her bracelet, which would be a problem if I needed an item as random as a dark sea compass, considering it can be obtained a f t e r Iris. If You make available to drop from the very beginning, then sure

So why should this item be randomly obtainable in a chest after defeating a boss instead of being immediately given after defeating a boss (or by completing story quest relating to that boss)?

Aside from that, sure why not?
This also unlocks new potential where you can make a boss client-sided so that the mirage doesn’t interfere with others, and if you want to fight the mirage with other players then you can use a party system.
Also, a client-sided boss doesn’t have an issue with exploiting because certain enemies like enemies in Ravenna are already client-sided.

Imagine new players going back to redwake immediately because they remembered the
Shura ( they get nothing )

It needs a some good explanation in order to be used

“treasure charting? no.”
it would be better if the item was always dropped on kill, unless its a consumable

I don’t feel like this would be a good idea, tying bosses to a chest item just wouldn’t work
Lady Carina really shouldn’t be a problem, her damage is trash, it’s really not an issue

make it so a little keepsake of the boss spawns at the arena you can interact with to spawn a mirage

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Decent QoL suggestion

This item should be immediately available in your inventory after defeating Iris. Even if its as a common as getting the DS compass, it should not be an rng dependent item

nah id bump

Ong its so annoying triggering a boss while travelling

This somehow reminds me elden ring
Idk why

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This is a permanent item man

yeah cuz i decided to make it a bell over the spirit bell item

Makes no difference honestly, I just thought it didn’t make sense for iris to drop this item so i decided it would work well with the DS compass logic

Then I have no issues with it, if it’s not tied to RNG in any way I think it’s perfectly fine
But what if someone uses the bell when it doesn’t suit you, for example someone decides to fight Carina when you’re escaping? I think that, if someone spawns a mirage, other players should have to use the bell to join the fight to completely neutralize the “problematic bosses” factor

Guess it can work like the npc battle quests where you need to have the quest active for it to work

loop zoop