Missing double stat jewels: Power + Defense and Attack Speed + Attack Size

Are those combinations too powerful? Lol, imagine if Vetex finally releases legendary armors and they’re just a bunch of combinations of Power and Defense.

Yeah those jewels do seem like they would become meta almost instantly, glad they dont exist

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honestly I wish painite gave power instead of defense.

Drawback + defense seems incredibly self defeating… especially given that drawback is percent damage.

Power/Defense is boring and will guaranteed a meta surrounding them i imagined so it’s fair why it wasn’t added

Though if other secondary stats get bonuses from high investment like what Agility has rn, I think Power/Defense stuff can be added because there’s a lot more incentives to run high secondary stats with their bonuses

But Painite so it makes you feel more pain with more health.

but its painite so it should help you inflict more pain at the cost of pain!

well it does. is drawback not similar to power but instead it deals more damage in exchange for health?

Attack Speed + Defense doesn’t exist either. It’s odd, you would think there would be a quartz jewel for that to match the Archon Quartz Amulet.



drawbacks just takes health, so painite gives u more hp but u loose health each attack

Painite seems very useless than except for someone who wants very high defense at the cost of health.

defense stat IS health.

but percentage based so if you had 2000 hp and took 8% damage it would be 160 health while someone with 4000 hp would take 320 health.

wow I wonder why the most boring and metamancing combinations in the game aren’t added


I’m p sure drawback is % of your attack damage

do you want players to be dealing 500+ damage without metal ultimate arts

no I just don’t want painite, a dark sea exclusive gem, to be self defeating.

drawback is % of your attack’s damage, so if you did more damage drawback would hurt you more

no it does 3% of your max hp per drawback level.

in which case if you had 1000 hp and the jewel gave you 100 you’d take 33 damage per attack but gain 67 health as a bonus