Mistral Update Patch Notes (Discussion Thread)

If I had a nickel for every bug that still exists from release then I’d probably have a few dollars at this point

a few? have you been playing under a rock?

Don’t diss my house

Martian Sand

Its actualy one of the oldest one

This isn’t the first time vet has attempted to patch this. Let’s hope it works

new metal variation wtf?!

(great now i have to make another member of the Metal Wall)

now metal magic might have the same amount of variations as crystal magic

I think this is just a change to the actual metal material across all magics rather than a new variation

might be right actually, forgive me i am not mentally straight

Yea it isnt a new variation. Its just using a new material so metal magic doesn’t look like plastic lol

old metal forest texture

It looked like plastic


New thread time

So are we switching threads with this patch note or when Vetex graces us with the next one?

Waiting rn (I have the draft ready)

I mean… if yall really want to, I could post it now

go for it

Okay either I’m going insane or a new Quest marker shape was shadowdropped

roblox changed their default fonts, that’s probably why