Modern Wizards

What would a medieval wizard with Fire and Shadow magic look like in the 21st century

the fucking timelapse video got copyrighted :fr:


Super sick. After AO Vetex could do a game like this but in modern day with big cities. Love the art! :heart:

i started the timelapse trend here :swag:

It’s actually the 21st Century
the 20th Century was the 1900s.

I failed History Class don’t blame me

Maybe he could remake wom after AO to feel actually modern

Magic would probably be gone by then…

Super lit art hehe, lovin the effects man.

probably, i’m not sure how that works though lol. If people kept using it I doubt it would disappear.

It would come in a non dangerous way and would probably be given to everyone on earth. Literally everyone. So we would make things out of material magic proof.

so did i
and i know
you have no excuse

This is quite sick, dude! Besides medieval and modern wizard designs, imagine wizards from the 1950s or 70s (an idea that you can use if you want to draw more wizards)

the chromatic vibe that it gives off.

is lit

gives cyberpunk vibes now shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh