Last month’s prompts

Shoutout to Robo for helping me with some of the prompts!

You guys can use (or adjust) these prompts for your writing ideas, and you can write however much you want. Go wild.

If you decide to post the story on this forum, don’t forget to link back to this post! And feel free to write with prompts from the previous months, there’s no expiry date for those.


Story Prompts

You awake in the back alley of a tavern in Redwake after a night spent partying and celebrating a successful expedition to the Dark Sea. However, it seems that this celebration has caused a ruckus in the streets, and people are out looking for you and your crew’s treasure! Write what happens next as you pick up the pieces of your hangover.
(from @Robotstics)

You stumble upon a coveted magic scroll in some abandoned ruins. What power is sealed inside? Are others after it? Write a story about what happens next after finding this strange scroll.
(from @Robotstics)

Dialogue Prompts

“I hope I’m not dying today.”

“This is why I hate you.”

“I wish you a painful death.”

“Don’t get in my way.”

“Guess what? We’re still alive and kicking.”

Character Ideas

You are a criminal who hunts down the corrupt and greedy in society. Your actions are seen as downright sinister, yet only you understand the true purpose. Write a story about you and your lost judgment, but bear in mind—do the ends really justify the means?
(from @Robotstics)

A prisoner who longs to see the world, once again.

One-word prompts

  • Apocalypse
  • Waste
  • Mistake
  • Fear
  • Rot


The Monthly Writing Prompt has returned!

If you have any prompt ideas you’d like to suggest for next month, feel free to reply here or message me!


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