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Next month’s prompts

Shoutout to Danny for helping me with some of the prompts!

You guys can use (or adjust) these prompts for your writing ideas, and you can write however much you want. Go wild.

If you decide to post the story on this forum, don’t forget to link back to this post! And feel free to write with prompts from the previous month, don’t worry.


Story Prompts

Even in the darkness, we have hope. Stories are the great hopes of humanity, eternal tales of love and battle, tragedy and fear, and ultimately, hope. If only for the children, tell us a story of hope. Write a fairy tale set in the Arcane universe.
(from @Danny_Zou)

Even after a god has died, it is still worshipped. Prayers are still answered, and their words were passed on. Somewhere, their corpse still remains.

Dialogue Prompts

“I’m glad you’re alive”

“You won’t stop me.”

“Let’s forget all about this.”

“This is stupid.”

“Who thought this would be a good idea?”

Location/Setting Prompts

An abandoned arena in the woods. Once, it served as a battleground for the greatest of fighters.

An old altar that reeks of decay—except for a bowl of freshly-harvested fruits placed on it.

Character Ideas

A masked character whose true face remained a mystery. No one is able to agree on this character’s true face.

A lone adventurer who seeks to fulfill their fallen allies’ goals on their own.

One-word prompts

  • Reunion
  • Odyssey
  • Sailors
  • Waves
  • Song



The Monthly Writing Prompt has returned! Hopefully, there’ll be a July edition coming.
tbh I’d love to have a team writing and posting the prompts for next month, hit me up in private messages if you’re interested, and I might make a chat group for it

If you have any prompt ideas you’d like to suggest for next month, feel free to reply here or message me!


gotta finish my may prompt still, but I’ll do one if I have time

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K. time to wright a story about an idiot with a paper bag on his head.

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or that

some dialogue from a comic idea I have about my representation on social anxiety:

Anxiety: “cmon kid, don’t you see? they’re clearly trying to make fun of you, this is stupid, let’s hop before this gets ugly.”

Drazen (not the robot, new character) “okay mr anxiety sir, thanks for warning me!”

drazen shys away and starts to leave a conversation

strangers: “hey where are you going? hello? do you want to come over and hang out still…?”



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how has no one done a prompt what

I’ll do one once i finish up another project

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Anxiety Odyssey! :poggers2: