Morden Journal Archive

heard that its temporary so im archiving it in case i wanna read it again


I don’t think it’s temporary, I still have mine in my inventory

oh okay

It’s mordin’ time

while yall are here, is there supposed to be rough water around akursius keep or was i just unlucky

I hardly notice rough waters tbh, once your stability is high enough it doesn’t affect you too much

but like is that something im gonna have to deal with if i wanna get to the island or was that just a 1 off of me being unlucky

are you only able to get this during the story missions in wind row? completely missed it and now the camp is gone :skull:

nah you can get it anytime you want

oh fr? is it at windrow still or another island


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It’s still lying there in the middle of the canyon

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bro wants us to read his diary damn

i havent encounter any rough water around that haunted place, so you were probably just unlucky