More Jewel Effects

More Jewel Effects
effort 4.4 5 quality 4.4 5 reasonability 4.6 5

Gonna be pretty straightforward here, I just want more jewel effects

Effect Fluctuation

  • Increases the duration of positive effects while the opposite for negative effects with T1/T2 reaching 20%/40% at 10 perfect jewels.
  • Uses the reagent for mystery.

Night Vision

  • Increases the brightness of your vision at night and underwater with T1/T2 reaching 50%/100% at 10 perfect jewels.
  • Uses the reagent for clearsight.


  • Reduces range that alerts the enemy with T1/T2 reaching 25%/50% at 10 perfect jewels.
  • Uses the reagent for invisibility.

Negative Nullification

  • Chance for a negative effects to be nullified when applied with T1/T2 reaching 5%/10% at 10 perfect jewels.
  • Uses the reagent for luck.

Serrated Teeth Resist

  • Reduces damage taken from all shark type enemies reaching 25% at 10 perfect jewels.
  • Uses the only reagent for sharkrepel.


  • Increases the effect of healing and passive regeneration with T1/T2 reaching 2.5%/5% at 10 perfect jewels.
  • Only applied to the percentage of healing instead of being additive to it. In other words, the formula is: (regen * x%) + regen. Filling in the variables using my 1568 hp with a regen of 8 per sec in combat then it would be: (8 * 5%) + 8 = 8.4 per sec heal. A mere additional 0.4 which rounds up to 0 additional heal in combat with someone that has 1568 hp like me.
  • Uses the reagent for healing.
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Night Vision
Gonna be a better sea dragon. Guess we doing 100% air breathing, 60% swim speed, 40% night vision.

mmmm yes rogue

Serrated Teeth resist
sharks: :fu: you

Ah yes. Mix with painite gems and suddenly become unkillable.


sounds cool

this one is a no tho

I mean, it only applies to the current percentage of the regen. For example, in my case with a max health that regenerates 16 out of combat and half of that in combat, it would only mean a 5% increase to 16 and 8 which is a mere 16.8 and 8.4 regen

Even if we try it on healing pots, then at best it would add an additional heal that could cover the overall damage of a DoT considering a 362 heal would only be an additional 18 heal. Low as it may be, it could come in clutches ig

sounds neat!

no it’s just vitality builds could become truly unkillable since that would mean they would be healing 180 hp per second (assuming they have 3k hp, which a good chunk do)

rn they heal about 15 hp per second for reference

Wait im confused, how are they regenerating 180 hp per sec? I have 1568 hp and I only heal 16 and 8 if in combat. Since 3K is somewhat twice my hp, regen would only be twice of that

Then it’ll only become 15.75 per sec, it doesnt directly add to the percentage, it’s the percentage of said percentage

healing only kicks in if they haven’t recieved dammage in a bit

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oh fair

Status effect nullification especially RNG based is not a good idea, but a status resist jewel could be cool.

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dont see anything blatantly op in the current list im seeing so guess ill vote

It’s for clutches, it’s not supposed to be very op

stealth jewels should reduce you noise you make when running, t jumping, dashing, etc

well I do hope for more jewel effects some of these seem busted especially health regen.

WIth painite it would only be: current regen * 10%. In my case with 1568 hp with 8 regen in combat, it’s a mere 8.8 heal and since the game rounds it off, it will mostly be a 9 heal per sec

Wont really be that busted since hp also increases along with damage in the future and at best can only be used for slight regen buff, at best it would be effective in vitality based builds ig

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an extra 9 health a second is alot dawg

holy sht pls, i want to punch shark without losing my arm in one bite

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