More New Forum Leaders

Hello everyone,

It seems like we’re due for a bigger batch of TL4 users this time around.

These users have demonstrated themselves worthy of the highest trust level on the forum, presenting themselves over a period of months as a positive force toward the community due to their contributions. They are the exemplars of civil discussion in this community, highly respecting of the forum guidelines, and users you could consult for help regarding the forum.

Please congratulate the five following users for their TL4 promotions:



still salty I’ve been here longer than mako and didn’t get TL4

Ayy savagewind got in.


congrats buddy

hello my children!

I just want to become a dictatorial figurehead and abuse my power :frcryin:

Congrats, everyone!

smh I was here a whole 4 days before him
/s if you couldn’t tell

Time to put on my fancy little name tag hehe.

You are the topic-closing slaves now


wait a minute, ive been here longer than you and mako by months


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ez ez

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bnt y u decline leada

and macobre!!

cries in no leader

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I’m not becoming the post closing guy

bro… :frcryin: