More News Articles

More News Articles
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Sometimes, the Agora can feel rather empty for a newspaper. @T-34_76 made an awesome suggestion about having ‘random articles’ fill the pages, but I think we should also broaden the articles.

So far I’ve come up with a few:

Player Eaten by Sea Monster
The Oceans Beasts claim another!
“Spotted off the shore of [Island Name] Last night, sailors reported seeing a ship matching the description of [Ship Name], belonging to [Character Name], drifting silently along. What became of it’s captain and crew is unknown, but many attribute it to the recent sea monster sighting in the area.”

Player delivers $1000 worth of Cargo
A Great Fortune, well earned!
"Just yesterday, [Character Name] pulled into the harbor at [Island Name], delivering a humongous shipment of supplies. Seafaring merchants express jealousy, with one sailor commenting “If only we got ahead of the curve we could be the ones swimming in Galleons now.”

Player delivers $1000 worth of stolen cargo
Thieves make off with precious goods!
"[Player Name], a notorious criminal has made off with thousands of galleons in merchandise. Despite the Grand Navys best efforts to track them down, they say the trail went cold, and it is likely the criminal has already sold off the goods to other criminal elements. The Navy says to be on the lookout for stolen goods that are being sold cheaply, so you are not swindled by these criminals. As for [Player Name], if you see them, steer clear and report to the Grand Navy.

NPC Bounty over $50,000 Galleons hunted
Criminal brough to Justice!
"You may have noticed a particular face has disappeared from the Bounty Boards in towns. That’s because yesterday, [Player Name] found the notorious criminal [Bounty Name] on [Island Name]. A battle ensued between the two, after which [Bounty Name] was defeated and arrested by the Grand Navy, who extend their gratitude to [Player Name].

NPC bounty over $50,000 Galleons Assassinated
A Dagger Strikes in the Dark
“In an act of cowardice, [Player Name] ambushed the great hero/Grand Navy member [NPC name & Title] on [Island Name], killing them. While their family mourns them, many find this outcome unsurprising after hearing that criminals had placed a price on the head of this great individual. The Navy announces they will be doubling efforts to find [Player Name] and bring them to justice.”

Sunken Treasure Caught
A Treasure of the Sea Claimed
“Whilst fishing yesterday, [Player Name] caught a bizzare treasure that hummed with ancient magics. No one is quite sure how long it had lain in the water, but it has stirred the spirits of treasure hunters and fishermen alike, who now desperately attempt to find a valuable artifact of their own.”

Food over 300+ hunger value cooked/Legendary Meal made.
Chef leaves an entire island hungry!
They say when the smell carried over the winds to their windows, many thought a festival had started and no one had told them! Unfortunately for these hungry residents, it was in fact a meal made by [Player Name] that left people salivating at the mere scent. Many express jealousy and remorse that they were not there to taste such a meal.

Grand Navy Influence reports (too many variations to write here but this would remind players where the grand navys influence sits on the server)

Catch of the Day!

Catch of the day is a consistently placed piece on the newspaper’s second page that tells players who and what fished up the most valuable fish recently! (Literally, it will display what fish had the highest galleon value and who caught it. Prioritizes Rare fish over uncommon fish, and uncommon over common, etc. This is because there are some value discrepensies)

I made a visual for this to help out imagining it:

Had this idea for the news to occasionally report things that are useful to the player, aside from sea monster sightings, but right now the only thing I can think of are underwater structures. Do let me know if you have more ideas.

Underwater Structure location hint:
Shark population increases! (Joke reference to pre patch 1.12)
There have been a surprising amount of shark sightings off the coast of [Island Name]. This seems to happen every few months or so, so sailors are beggining to think there is a reef or some sort of habitat beneath the waves that draws the sharks to feed on the local population. For shark hunters it may be a dream come true, but for everyone else, be careful where you take a dip in the water!

Anniversary of Ship Wreck
Some are still old enough to remember when [Underwater structure boat name] still sailed the waters, before its tragic demise off the coast of [Island Name] Today, a memorial was held by the families of those lost to the sea, a bittersweet reminder; for as much adventure as there is to be found at the high seas, there can also be terrible loss.

If you have some ideas of your own do let me know and I will try to add them in and write about them.


@Sebastian_Banks “Multiple Bounty Hunting contracts”

Multiple Bounties Claimed by Same Player

Peace on the High Seas
The Grand Navy reached out to us and asked us to extend a personal and sincere “thank you” to [Player Name]. Some of our astute readers may have even noticed that the bounty boards are suspiciously empty, and for that we know who to thank. With so many criminals rightfully behind bars, the Grand Navy is putting extra security details at their holding cells to ensure justice is delieverd.

Multiple Assasinations Claimed by Same Player

Serial Murderer on the loose!
Attention readers. The Grand Navy is looking for any and all information related to [Player Name], who fits the description of the figure seen leaving the scene of violent crimes committed against some of the most dedicated heroes on the seas. We mourn their loss, and the Grand Navy wants to announce that they have officially raised the bounty on this fiend in hopes local heroes may help track them down and bring them to justice!


This is cool

Whilst im scared that it will fill up the agora to much, having more then 3 pages to flip through, the ideas for the news are amazing.
As a fisher myself i really liked the catch of the day feature, but the sunken structure rumer also seems very solid.

It was stated, I’m almost certain, that the Agora has 2 pages max no matter what.

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A truly nice feature to have, especially for the diving points. Perhaps for the shipwrecks we could have bad-guy shipwrecks along with good-guy ones.
Also would the bounty hunt agora give fame, and if I hunt let’s say… 5 criminals in a span of 20 minutes they could say something like…
Playername hunts a lot of crims or smth

As for the others they dont seem that game breaking so maybe a later update… plz add

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the crimsonpants never fails


Didn’t actually read thoroughly but a good idea nevertheless, pretty much necessary because the newspaper is supposed to be delivering interesting crap around the world, which in Arcane Odyssey there’s alot of insane stuff going on considering it’s a world of magic (lol) with players doing stuff of their own, it’s not surprising if the newspaper writes an article about a man who caught a golden fish or maybe a tragedy of a player getting eaten by sharks.

Eh, sure why not I’ll add that in.

Man, this is epic. I would love to see more articles on the agora and see what players are up to.

If you have any suggestions for additions let me know.

Both your and the other New’s suggestion are really cool, but I dont think Vetex is going to care about immersion at the moment.

Oh the rizzery

That would avoid making to much of a mess, though it would introduce the trouble of what news to prioritise. I would personally prefer the news to all be different, if needed, and the fish of the day should have its own note or page for it, since not most people would care about it.
Maybe also add a “best meal of the day” now that you talk about additons, it would talk about the size of the meal and XX that created it and maybe mention the cooking level involved in the meal.

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