More None Shark Sea Monsters Ideas (Fish this time)

More None Shark Sea Monsters Ideas (Fish this time)
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Two Sea Monsters

Syntrívon (The Dozer of the Sea)

Sea Monster Tier: Behemoth

Health: 7,000


(Not using the new Dunkleosteus)
Head plating is visually shown to be reinforced with Earth magic
Earthy theme throughout the body (?)


Skull armor (Treated as a ship for DR with an additional 25% multiplied to it; breakable with Earth/Metal arcanium cannons, heavy explosive shells, or Counter Ramming)
While Skull armor is active: Ram attacks from Syntrívon at full power, head DR is present
When Skull armor is broken: Ram clashes from Syntrívon deal less damage to the player and more to Syntrívon, head is damageable by regular attacks

Counter Ramming (Refer to ram attack; breaks skull armor)

Hardened scales: Main body is treated as a ship


Ram - Syntrívon swims to the side of its target ship and begins to speed up towards the ship. There is some level of tracking but this works similar to a ship in that the turning rate is nerfed. During this attack you can attempt to counter it by performing a counter ram, or doing a passing bombardment.
This attack is weakened if skull armor is broken, and counter ramming will result in less damage received by your ship.

Ship Latch - Syntrívon dives done and emerges at the ship, latching onto it. During this period the ship is forced to stop and you must begin attacking the head or use an available cannon to pelt its body with multiple high damage hits (grapeshots work best).
If the skull armor is broken, then you can use this as an opportunity to deal massive damage by attacking the head. Syntrívon automatically unlatches after 1k damage to the head.

Damage is a flat 2500 + 10% of the ship’s full HP if allowed to fully crush the latched ship.

Tail Smash - Basic attack that smacks ships trying to attack from behind or get too close from behind (redirects ships facing towards the main body)

Bite - Basic attack for players in the water, deals 2000 damage to players.


Skull Fragments
1-2 (+2 guaranteed by breaking skull)
75% drop rate

Heavy Scales
80% drop rate

Intact Skull Plate
1-3 (+1 guaranteed from skull break
35% drop rate
Guaranteed from skull break, reduced quantity (+1)

Syntrívon Steak (Rare fish ingredient)
100% Drop rate
Benefits: +75 hunger to meals, fortified +1 (on top of fish recovery; stacks with horizon seasoning)


Heavy Plate Armor (Rare):
Helmet (3 Skull Fragments, 3 Heavy Scales)
Chestpiece (4 Skull Fragments, 9 Heavy Scales, 2 Intact Skull Plates)
Leggings (2 Skull Fragments, 6 Heavy Scales)
Stat Focus - Defense (Primary), Power (Secondary)
Upgradeable - level 60 to 120
Reinforceable at Level 120
Costs - 1 White Eyes Scale (Each Piece)
Benefits - Increased level cap (120 - 250), Secondary Stat

Ship Hull:
Gaia Hull Framing
Level 120
Costs - 5 Intact Skull Plates, 8 Skull Fragments, 15 Heavy Scales
Stats - 3500 Durability, 12% Ship Stability, 650 Ram Defense
Passive - Collision DR (50% to Island/Wall collisions, 20% to NPC/Player Rams)


Adds something else other than white eyes to sea based encounters. Despite the obvious prehistoric inspirations it shows that magic pollution does more to sea life than just make them bigger or give them access to venom. Lore wise this could be some horribly mutated fish or some poor placoderm surviving at the bottom of the sea growing in size (although the fish becoming this is more interesting).

Enédra (The Deep Sea Ambusher)

Sea Monster tier: Aberrant

HP: 500

Xiphactinus is the reference here
Glass magic would be present, making its bites that much deadlier by inflicting a stacking bleed. This is a fast and ferocious fish that aims to do hit and run tactics if its initial ambush fails to kill its prey. Can turn its body somewhat translucent by using glass magic to redirect light or something around it.


Parrying the bites/lunges will cause the fish to be dazed for a short period of time
Lunge daze durations are longer than bite

Ambush lunges:
Being hit by these starting attacks causes your oxygen to drain 25% faster for 2 seconds (if potions prevent oxygen drain, then this reduces oxygen by 20%)
Regular lunges have this effect/duration halved, still inflicts the bleed stacks like lunge.


Bite - Standard quick bite before quickly dashing away

Lunge - Enédra turns translucent and swims around rapidly around the player leaving trails of water behind it (overlapping and not) before suddenly stopping. From here a visual indicator is provided (a small glint/sound effect of rushing water) in which Enédra lunges towards the player.
Inflicts 2 stacks of bleed


Enédra Tooth Necklace
Stats - Intensity (Primary), Attack Speed (Secondary)
Upgradeable - level 50 to 150
20% Drop rate


This aberrant sea monster is most common in underwater structures where it’ll remain and wait for a player to go in front of it. From there, it’ll lunge forward and attack the player, potentially robbing them of precious oxygen. The primary function of this is to add a little jumpscare for people getting too comfortable diving in the deeper diving points.

As a side note I’m terrible with names so don’t take them to heart.

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good suggestion but they have a bit too many attacks compared to what we have, so unless vetex plans on redoing the current sea monsters to fit with this, im not sure if its possible or not…
also way too many drops, 1/2 items is what’s best, like a scale/material to sell etc

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all in all i love the sea monsters in the game. But currently they just seems impossible to actually beat without cheesing them on a cliff (well maybe exept poison jaws) and i love the idea of having an actual boss fight in the ocean. This makes me love Syntrívon as it seems like a boss fight not something you would just cheese. Though Enédra would be annoying i think it makes sense to have it.

yes, more mobs more drops

Assuming it has Syntrívon has white eyes spawn rates then it’s probably not too unreasonable. Although I probably could lower the other drop quantities and buff the drop rate for plates by like 5%-10%. Money and trade (more so to help friends craft) would be another route you could go down. I also had an idea for making upgrades require materials and maybe a reduced amount of galleons but I’m not entirely sure on that.

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