Most Fitting Weapon for Each Magic?

Based on a conversation in an old thread that had a discussion including shadows and rapiers, I wonder, what would be the most fitting magic weapons for each magic? And preferably within the tech of AO/AA/WoM.

Already basically set in stone water magic with trident and shadow magic with scythe, but I think other than that earth gets hammer and metal magic gets literally any weapon

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For shadow, may I show you an interesting counterpoint?


for metal a greatsword is epic
a scimitar would look great with sand magic
bo staff for wood magic

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Ash claws

WHy claws? They seem too short-ranged for such magic like ash.

I think poison should get a whip because simply I’m bored

the fu-

Lightning idk, spear or rapier?

give lightning the rapier and light the spear


Didn’t light have a spear in AA or smth?

i never played AA

I didn’t play enough in AA to get to the point of magic weapons but I got to second sea

Water and Lightning = Trident
Shadow = Scythe
Light = Staff
Solid magics = Anything but mostly gun
Acid = Sword/Spear/Lance
Poison = Sword

Explosion = axe

and no way lightning should have a trident

I think maybe other things since sword seems like you can’t think of more, plus theres more than one sword type

^^^ yes