MrNormalBox's Normal Shop Advertisment! yay

pog advertisement!

Contact me at KingDube123#0906

Im looking for some good sunken stuff so

do you sell sex

hard sunky helm and powerful sunky chest for hard chest :niceman:

How to dislike a post?

I’m hyjacking your advertisement now.

I gib u da sex for headless :flushed:

no fuck you :waaaa:

does a strong oath, clean ex armor set and a few seasonal items sound good for a hard sunken sword

under payyyyy

fax unless one of those seasonals is a headless i cant accept @Marikin

i see alright then

you can just offer here xd. plus im far too lazy to dm people, specially when I’m losing sunkens or headlesses.

how to identify a trader step 1: ask if theyre lazy
if yes: trader, if no: not a trader
ez :mariomug:

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fax bro. fax.

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If more laziness = better trader…

I’m literally an entire economic global monopoly.


if i added on a heavy woj, a clean vas and a clean mino set, would it still be underpay or nah
i imagine it still kinda is



ight cool