Misinput's Shop

Misinput's Shop
convenience 4.8125 16 fairness 4.8 15 trustworthiness 5.0 15


Headless Heads!

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 Headless Heads  0

Halloween Seasonals!

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Colour Pumpkin Fedora Head Wrappings Dark Omen Mask Mini Cauldron Death Crown Candy Beanie Halloween Bag Body Wrappings Skeleton Wizard Hat Hallowed I Shoulder Crow Bat Wing Headband Leg Wrappings Skull Chain Hallowed II
Beige                 1      1      
Black                   1   1      
Blue      1 1                      
Brown                       2     1
Cobalt      1                       1
Green      1                        
Grey                   1   2     1
Lime      1 2                      
Magenta                 2           1
Orange     1           2 1   1     1
Pink     1                 2      
Purple                 1           1
Red                              1
Teal     1                        
White                       1     1
Yellow                   1         1
No Colour 2 6     6 1 2     1   4 11  

4th of July Seasonals!

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 Hats  6
Glasses  6


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Enchants   Swords  Helmets Chestplates   Boots
 Clean  1  1  1  1
 Bursting      1  
 Swift  1      
 Strong  4      
 Nimble      1  

Boss Weapons!

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Enchants   Vasts  Oaths WoJs
Clean  5  3  3
Hard / Heavy  4  2  3
Swift  5  1  
Strong / Sturdy  2  2  3

Minotaur Armour!

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Enchants Hats Chestplates Boots
 Clean  8  8  8
 Hard  1  1  
 Powerful  1  1  2
 Swift  2    1
 Keen  1    1
 Nimble  1  2  
 Forceful  1    

Exiled Armour!

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Enchants Helmets Chestplates Boots
 Clean  7  9  10
 Hard  2  1  2
 Powerful  1    
 Bursting  2    
 Swift  1    
 Keen    1  1
 Nimble  1  1  
 Forceful  1  1  1

Last Updated
31 / 8 / 2022 @ 4:00pm ACST

Open. Feel free to make any offers.
Don’t be intimidated or scared to reply if nobody has messaged on this thread in awhile. It’s dead because I rarely get any trades nowadays.


I will not be accepting;

  • Crowns.
  • Common items (meta sets excluded).
  • Uncommon items.
  • Fish / Fish Bait.
  • Underpays. If you are looking for one of my items, expect to overpay.
  • Halloween / 4th of July Seasonals. Add these to an already big trade. I will not be taking just Halloween / 4th of July Seasonals.

I will be graciously accepting;

  • Boss drops.
  • Sunkens.
  • Headless Heads.

How to contact me;

Discord: Misinput#1368
(join discord.gg/vetex for a mutual server.)

If you’re banned from vetcord, contact me through the options below. Or, message me for a mutual server if you need to use Discord.

Twitter: @Misinputyay
(DM me, do not reply to one of my tweets / replies.)

Forums: Reply to this topic, or flick me a DM.

ROBLOX: Send me a trade when I am in-game. My username is Misinput.

Wiki: Blog post can be found here.


Q) Why are you offline so much when I am online?
A) I live in a different timezone than most players. If you want to know what time it is for me, look up Time in South Australia on Google. I also do things with my life sometimes, so I might not be available for personal reasons.

Q) You don’t have the item that I am looking for!
A) I don’t have everything, unfortunately. But, feel free to look around at other stores.

Q) Why did you decline my trade?!
A) I will decline trades for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include;

  • You are underpaying.
  • You are asking for an item that I don’t have much of.
  • You are giving me an item that I have too much of.
  • The item you are giving me is worth jack-shit.
  • I just don’t want to do it.

If I decline your trade, don’t leave a bad rating on this store. That not only makes you look like a piece of shit, but makes me feel extremely sad. If you are that desperate for a certain item, check other stores.

Q) You’re ripping me off!
A) I don’t offer for items, typically. Unless I really want your item, then I will overpay.
I will not offer for you. If you want to trade your items to me, make an offer. Otherwise, I will try and rip you off if you keep trying to make me offer.

I rarely play WoM anymore. Therefore, you will NEED to DM me or comment on this thread if you wish to send an offer. Store is still open.

Otherwise, I am now accepting maid sets. I prefer maid sets to be;

  • Owned by different people
  • Different colours
  • Different levels
  • Different enchants (good or bad enchants I don’t care.)

Basically, I want as many unstacked and stacked maid sets as you have. Tops and skirts, please! :bowing_woman: What I offer for them will depend on how many you have. But, as a guide, I will be offering clean/good enchant boss drops for a lot of them. Just going to a travelling merchant and buying 10 tops wont yield you much though, I mean I want a lot.
Donations are greatly appreciated. Donate to the cause.

Tops: 266
Skirts: 322


Heavy WoJ for 7 crowns


Hard vast for sturdy WoJ +adds since I want you to get profit :sunglasses:

What adds?

Powerful ex helm :nod:

That’s actually decent lmao.
DM me on Discord so we can discuss further. :nod:

Can I please have your sunken iron cans sir, I know you have them.
I’ll trade my sunken old boots for them and maybe some sunken arrows and sunken crowns.

What else do you offer? :smirk:

The impossible, almighty sunken air

No. :mariomug:

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High respects to sunken cans


I rate because she is a fair trader :nod: and very helpful ill add

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Pretty much what Box said.

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A very fair and trustworthy trader, only thing is that you don’t have a lot of rare or items for people to come here to trade. But good luck. Again you are very fair and trustworthy.



epic shop :nod:

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reminding me to update my shop

I offer 1 clean oath and 1 strong vastira gib me good enchant boss armour pls pls plsp lsp lsp lspsl :frcryin: :pray:

What boss armour