My friend said arcane odyssey looks like deepwoken but blox fruits 😭

I dont even know what to say i am very disappointed but ig new players looking at the sneaks would probably assume that.

Say hes wrong and give him good reasons then give the lore doc

Deepwoken players explaining how every game with a sea is a deepwoken copy:


that was pretty much his reasoning plus he plays deepwoken :fr:

:-1: :-1: :-1: :-1: :-1: :grimacing:

it does kinda look like blox fruits doe haha

midwoken again smh

its not mid i just hope the new luminant isnt riddled with spoilers

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its mid

what vegeta said

how is it mid though :thinking:
if you give me a valid reason

say he’s wrong because yes

midwoken players crying when play AO when no perma death and ganking newbies

God forbid an RPG game with good combat not punishing you for having fun with it.

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midwoken moment

Kill him.

the style, the combat, everthing is so fucking different how the fuck he even did that

Kind’ve facts


(where you been)

It has ships, cooking, magic, and weapons so it is obviously a Deepwoken copy smh my head

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