My last topic today , what is the lost or ancient magic your want? ,

life magic , inferno magic.


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the secret “wait two years for them to come out” magic



Yeah , but i only want know for now. nothing much.


either healing or life and wave magic going off of the previous list

I want equinox magic because it sounds really cool.

Two years is awfully optimistic.

Sun magic

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inferno, scorch, blaze, phoenix, (maybe not sun or flare,) anything fiery really

sorry divanochi but unless it’s using a summoned version of THE LITERAL SUN like the sun stand in jjba part 3 then I’m not really interested in it

also flare seems to just be poison stat wise but with fire shit

Blizzard and pressure (hopefully)

Fight theos and Prometheus in AR :niceman:


vetex isn’t stupid enough to make the worst magic in the game again as a lost magic

isn’t that leaning more towards phoenix though

The concept of it being based off the sun is good enough for me, I’m content with it just being stronger version of fire

I want electron honestly

Red Lightning’s pretty wicked

No his sun attack is his primary in the fight