My problem with the toxicity against suncry

A lot of people have been sending hate to Suncry, and I have a problem with that.

One of the main reasons that people dislike us is apparently because that we Random Kill. I believe this is a biased opinion. nearly every large guild was trying to go for the top 20 spots, and Suncry is no exception. However, Seemed to be the only one getting hate. Someone else made a post on how they “capitalized the update,” which many other guilds did. I highly doubt that Guilds such as Syndicate could get that far, especially with 10 players, if they didn’t also RK every player they saw. This is the same for guilds that quickly rose on the leaderboards, such as Pandemonium. Pandemonium rose from around 25-30th to 9th in 3-4 days. with an average gain of 60-150 inf a day with around 7-8 main infamy grinders. We too, pretty much just killed anyone we saw for infamy, however, I didn’t see much hate towards us.

Another point people make is that “omG suncry isn’t goOd they just hAve a LoT oF mEmBeRs.” Now that’s basically just turned into a giant meme, however, the majority of the time, the member getting attacked will most likely call for assistance. It’s not like they’ll specifically ask for 7 more people to fend of people 2v1ing them. I’ve seen many other guilds do the same, and I don’t see it as a problem. If anything, it’s kind of just us showing how active we are. This complaint is basically just saying “Suncry is toxic because they’re active,” and I would like to see you justify that complaint.

As for our members in general, we’re not toxic, and If you have an actual explanation or proof showing that we are, please tell me it in replies.

Most of this talks about events before halloween update* (originally put this in replies but then realized edit exsists)

The thing is, I don’t ever see SunCry actually being toxic, I guess people are just mad that Suncry is sweaty and they are the top guild.
And Yes I do admit to being extremely toxic within the first few days of the guild update but so was everyone else.

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tbh I would’ve just put “yall salty” if I really wanted cuz that sums up the toxicity in a nutshell

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Totally agree, I believe the reason people hate them is because of jeoulsy over the fact that they are #1.
They are always the topic that people talk about and those discussions can devolve into “A suncry member killed me once!” And then it devolves into people sharing their bad times with suncry, eventually turning into people hating suncry because they’re toxic. If any other guild was #1 then they’d see the exact same hate as suncry.

suncry is war phoenix if they knew how to abuse every bit and detail of the stupid combat system wom has

they literally just stabbed random dudes on the street, it’s not like they kept track of every person that’s a threat to their #1 or smth

People just love to have someone to hate on and throw insults at. If it was any other guild at the top of the leaderboards, they would be getting just as much hate as Suncry does now honestly-

I’ve made a point of this in another post but I’m don’t want to copy and paste it so I’ll just write my current opinion on them now.

In my opinion, the reason why they were so hated was to be honest the random killing but to be more detailed they would really kinda make fun of you. Multiple people in the guild I’m in experienced toxicity from Suncry while they were being killed by them like name calling or just saying random stuff that would normally make fun of a person.
If you notice now, I have rarely seen any reports or sharing about Suncry ever since the Halloween Update. This in itself proved that it really wasn’t because Suncry was and still is the top guild, but because of the rking and toxicity while rking players that made it so disliked. Now in my personal view I have no problem with rking and my guild members don’t as well but it gets really (I’m going to use the word) triggering when players talk to you as less equal while trying multiple times to kill you for infamy.

Could you link it to me?


Nah, it’s because certain people in your guild spam reset every time they get below green.
(Most of Suncry pretty chill tho)

where is this toxicity? I don’t see it. From what I see, most Suncry members are respectable people. If you have proof of this, please show it

wait really

dunno, suncry is fine

Rk’ing is annoying but it’s understandable now

yes really.

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Imagine taking a screenshot of someone resetting when they reach less than green hp

bro why the heck would he take a screenshot of that

because it’s funny