My Proudest Accomplishment On The Forums

Still not sure how I feel about this suggestion getting accepted over everything else that I’ve suggested…
If anything I would’ve preferred for my re enchanting suggestion to get accepted so that I don’t end up with a bunch of copies every time I try to enchant something!

So any other fellow suggestion makers have any moments like these?

Actually, most of my suggestions are laughed at. So no.

My biggest accomplishment is yet to come

I made a few suggestions, got shat on, then decided to join the mob of suggestion reviewers

I had that happen to me recently actually with this post :

The story goes like this…

So I read on the trello that vetex was open to profession ideas and so I figured why not?
I began writing and about 2 hours in, realized that :

  1. I’m gonna need some feedback on it because of how big it is.
  2. Post content moderation when it comes to suggestion like content can get a bit wonky.
  3. I’d like feedback before I write the entire thing so that I don’t have to rewrite the post several times.

So I figured; why not just release it in suggestions even though it’d be a little rough around the edges, since I don’t want to make the mods mad at me by posting it in game discussion & there isn’t a rule against posting suggestions that are still rough around the edges in suggestions.

Yeah I got called out for it… and a mod moved it to game discussion so that I could work on it more.

Thus concludes the story of how I got a suggestion laughed out of #suggestions.

At least I now know that I can get away with posting suggestion rough drafts in #game-discussion However it cost me my pride, which is still shattered : (

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