( Work In Progress ) Nums's Ideas On Professions


This is an open rough draft of the suggestions that I will be making regarding professions.
And as such will change a bit over time due to feedback.

Why an open rough draft?
That way I can get laughed at while this is still in game discussion and release proper suggestions in #suggestions that won’t get laughed at.
Though originally I had intended to and did release it in #suggestions to get feedback there and work on it over the course of a day or two, due to post content rules being a little wonky but apparently it’s actually okay to have suggestion rough drafts in #game-discussion so it’s here now for all of ya to laugh at it and gimme feedback so that I turn it into quality suggestions.

Also examples are there to serve as well… examples and as such are by no means meant to be taken seriously.

To start off with I shall explain how I believe professions should be unlocked and how their progression works.

Unlocking Professions ( To Be Rewritten? )

Once a player reaches lvl 40 they will unlock professions and receive a message introducing them to professions and what they do.

Side Idea → Perhaps make it so that at first each profession is locked and requires the player to learn the first lvl of each profession from an npc with it?

Now that the player has unlocked professions they can access the profession menu and view their progress towards each one.

( Ideally the player should be able to unlock and level up every profession. Instead of the current 1 & 50% of another system that is currently planned.
Due to quality of life reasons. )

( If a use based system that allows everyone to get every profession is too easy; perhaps a way to choose a primary profession and 2 sub professions could be added alongside it to make it less so?
Under this system your primary profession would get a +25% xp boost.
Your sub professions would earn xp at an average rate.
And everything else would earn xp at half the normal rate. )

Profession Progression ( To Be Rewritten? )

Once the player has unlocked professions, preforming certain activities will give xp towards it’s respective profession.
Example → Creating potions will give xp towards the Alchemist profession, making food will give xp towards the Chef profession and so on…

Another possible method to earn xp; could be to do profession related quests, such as fishing quests from fishmongers.
Credit for the idea of getting xp from quests goes to @9strange9wrld9

Once certain xp thresholds are reached in a profession it will lvl up and at various levels will unlock things & receive buffs related to that profession.
( A point based system like what is planned could work but I believe that a use based system would be better )

Now onto the juicy details about each profession.

Primary Professions :
Alchemy :

Chef ( To Be Written )


Sub Professions :

Fishmonger ( To Be Written )


Sailor ( To Be Written )


Bounty Hunter ( To Be Written )


Treasure Hunter ( To Be Written )


Professions that I don’t believe will work & why.

Auctioneer & Merchant ( To Be Rewritten? )

I don’t think that the Auctioneer & Merchant professions should be added because I believe that they would feel lackluster in comparison to the other planned professions.

Why would they feel lackluster?

Because unlike; say, the Alchemist & Chef professions. I don’t think that enough content ( that plays well and fits the game ) could be added to them to make them be worthwhile & balanced professions.

Side note → If someone else can come up with a way to make them be worthwhile & balanced professions, I’ll gladly take this back but as it stands; I’m not able to, so I don’t currently see a point in them being added.

And that concludes my thoughts on the matter, please feel free to give constructive feedback in the reply section down below so I can tweak things as needed.

Your thoughts on what is currently written?
( please read the post before voting )

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Editor’s Note :
Posted it earlier than I should’ve, got clowned on and had it moved to game discussion so that I could work on it a bit more.

" The maker of this post is now in the corner of shame, drinking a cup of coffee and eating salt. "



lol, yeah I’m about to start typing those out now that I know how it’ll format.

Ill be waiting, though not for Bounty Hunter and Treasure Hunter??

feel free to give feedback on the alchemist section since I already typed that one out.
& the Unlocking Professions & Profession Progression sections.

you can only choose one profession though

Wait that was confirmed?
Didn’t see it on the trello.

are you refering to this part?

“Profession trees - A few categories of professions that players can choose. Every few levels, you would be given a point that you can invest in one of these, which will give you a buff of some kind. At the end of the game, you will ideally have enough points to fully max out one profession, and have enough points left over to get another profession to 50%. The profession types and buffs will be thought of at a later time”

oh yeah forgot about that mb

but we still won’t be able to unlock every profession

thanks for letting me know, I just added a couple things to address that.

Health and stamina regeneration would affect pve/pvp which so far aren’t supposed to in the trello. I don’t mind it but wanted to point that out. Cause potion dealer :eyes:

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That’s all for today, I’ll work on it more tomorrow when I can come up with more good ideas.

…why did you post an unfinished suggestion?

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that way I could get feedback while I’m working on it to produce a better suggestion overall, plus I also wanted to see how it’d format.
Another reason is that when working on large posts I’m always paranoid that my work will disappear or I’ll accidently delete it. That’s just a me thing though.
It wouldn’t have killed me to work on it for a couple more hours before I originally posted it though.

The only one you actually have a choice in seeing whether it should be in or out of the game or not is bounty hunter. Everything else is confirmed.

I know that? that’s just my opinion?

Then why would you leave out a profession that would be in the game? That just neglects the point of your suggestion.

I suppose it does look like that, now doesn’t it…
I’ll be writing a section within the suggestion explaining why I don’t think certain professions should be in the game.
Admittedly I released this suggestion a couple hours sooner than I should’ve so ya getting that take away from it, is on me.
My bad mate.

where are the other professions bruh