My Research On Looting Only Private Chests On Towns

I haven’t included the Silent Tower private chests but i’ll edit it there later. Anyways this post is about people who think grinding private chests is better than grinding on chest paths.

All the private chests from what i’ve recorded are only on shops, lighthouse, warehouses, the ship from ironport, banks and mayor houses. The other houses doesn’t seem to have any private chest, may be because they’re slots for players that they can own.

Anyways here’s my research ( Correct me if im wrong ):

  • Summerhold - 25 Private Chests
    To Ironport - 2:27 Minutes ( Used the water to travel faster, you can go lower or higher than this time )

  • Ironport - 18 Private Chests
    To Riverville - 1:04 ( You can go lower or higher than this time )

  • Riverville - 15 Private Chests
    To Summerhold - 3:31 ( Estimated time using Ironport and Riverville’s time )
    To Bell Village - 3:25 ( You can go lower or higher than this time )

  • Bell Village - 10 Private Chests
    To Summerhold - 6:56 ( Estimated time using Ironport, Riverville and Summerhold’s Time )

Total Private Chests - 68
Estimated Crowns Earned - 68 - 272

So far it reached past 10 minutes but has only about 68 - 272 estimated crown earnings. I’ll edit in the silent tower later, gotta eat right now (✿´ ‿ `)