My Tierlist Post AO (Predictions)


is this including 2nd magic or just the magic revamps so far?


Shadow would probably stay A tier without its synergies. Poison and Plasma will definitely be up there. Sand will be okay.


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honestly tho crystal isnt too op, you gotta land 4 hits before the effect applies

Or, you could never proc it with crystal itself.

Using metal to shatter it is better for damage, 1.54x compared to 1.4625x, or using light to hurl 1.8x speed >1x damage balls of blinding pain at your opponent.

Better yet, how it is explained you might not even need 4 stacks for synergies. If that’s the case you’ll never use more than 1 crystal shot just to proc crystallised, then use other magics until it expires.

That seems pretty busted to me.


Damn I used ink, now im gonna use sand, why do I like using the most useless stuff lmao

Imagine being a bottom tier magic to an S Tier Magic

Plasma’s been hot garbage since post lvl 60 meta. :sob:

this tier list is very debateable. sand should be B tier at least, the crystal rework isnt even that good as it buffs the slow magics and light but it also reduces damage from 9 other magics so crystal should be B or A tier, shadow should be B tier, wind should be B tier as it doesnt have that many good synergies, magma should be moved up to B and glass should be A tier since it procs bleed and so many magics synergize with bleed.

FINALLY someone acknowledges Ice as AT LEAST mid tier

Terrible tier list tbh

please tell me this is a joke tierlist
Crystal at S tier?
Sand in hot garbage?
Plasma Hot garbage???

nope its decent right now and in AO it will easily be A tier with temp changes and 30% more dmg
just because a magic isnt overpowered doesn’t mean its hot garbage :I

poison + glass gonna be a decent synergy, harvesting the BLEED

crystal would be A tier, idk about S man it aint sounding that op

yeah ok rest kinda makes sense but im tired as fuck so im not gonna explain every placing

I agree with all points but wind has ice and tbh you really only need ice cause wind does more damage to freezing targets as well as giving the frozen status effect, then you can use other magics like metal or lightning or whatever else. Wind would stay S tier imo

why is metal in S

I don’t get this tierlist… Can someone explain? Im kinda lost.

Me who ( probably ) about to chose sand for my 3rd file to play AO: well f