Nationality poll

I was just randomly wondering once what nationality most people on here are, I’m not trying to get anyone doxxed and just putting in an option won’t reveal your whole address. You could always just click away if you like.

Forums Nationality Poll
  • (North) American
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Australian
  • East European
  • West European
  • Asian
  • Middle Easterner
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I forgot South America I’m sorry :sob:
  • South American
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And for those who want to be more specific you can also reply with your exact country if you like

Nationality isnt the same as ethnicity right

True :+1:

Ethnicity is more about culture I believe and nationality is more around what part of the world you originate from (for most cases) or just where you’re registered as a citizen in case you’re an immigrant

i’m a british citizen and a german citizen :grin:

Why is there a chinese option and an asian option

Because I separated major countries from continents


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As expected most people are from north America

i love burgers
can you guess what i am?

Usa, texas maybe?

Errrm, actually… Yes, the USA.


Taiwanese and United States citizen

Where is Martian?

im a dual citizen of the us and ukraine so idk what i put

Yo that’s me!


filipino-american. :fire:

Half of this is good

Double whammy