Nationality poll

Go away AI, we all know the west and east coast are the only place that exist in the world.

Bro calls me artificial intelligence

Which state

I am a Polish person myself, ngl we are pretty rare on the internet, or it might just be my observations, but i have noticed a surge of people with polish-like usernames on roblox somewhere in 2022, idk what big event caused this, but i suppose the more the merrier.

It’s funny how alot of celebrities would want to visit Poland to eat our dumplings, i suppose they are pretty good.

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Illinois, what about you?

Oh never mind Illinois is fine, you a real one.

thank you?

You my home boy, Day 1, homie.

(I was born in Illinois)

you’re from Illinois too?

chicago area?

Yes, a town/village near Chicago.

Welcome to the club fella

I am one of the 3 iowa residents

chicago suburbs baby les gooooooooooo

So are you like near Naperville? Rockford? Aurora?

he’s right on the artificial part but we’ve yet to see intelligence :smirk:

dude I am intelligent okay? you wanna hear some hard math problems? I got you.

this is the most bot response ever to satire bruh

chatgpt goofy ass

ngl chatgpt has some serious bugs that need to be fixed