Need Mod Help On False Ban

I need help with the same problem. I was just banned for “exploiting stamina” and I’m not sure what that means but I wasn’t exploiting. I’m a (new) programmer learning Lua and I rip code from shady sites to try and supplement that sometimes, so I could have had something running in the background that made that happen. but I don’t like to ruin the fun for others by hacking so as far as I know I’ve been falsely banned, and I’m not sure what to do :confused:

500 tickets at any time of the day, ~10 mods to deal with them (we have lives)

its hard sometimes

the reason why were so strict with proof is because of what the other exploiters are doing. yes yes, blame vetex all you guys want for making an anticheat that only works 75% of the time but blame the exploiters and roblox for forcing him to do it in the first place.
theres been so much false proof too, and even with the info we can get about your account its still many times near impossible to tell if theyre hacking or not. even in our own chat we discuss how to fix things, and weve also talked about mass unbans. ultimately, its up to roblox to make their actual working anticheat, so vetex can actually make the game he wants to instead of having to patch exploits all day.

so all i can say is that theres not much we can do to help you right now, and we’re very sorry if its a real false ban, and we know there can be false positives but its hard to distinguish real from false bans without proof. its worth sacrificing some or even half fps if you dont want to get banned, and even a 10 second long 460p video still works, as long as you clearly arent teleporting across the map or whatever the ban reason is.

truly sorry for the inconvenience, and i can relate on your loss, but even i feel hopeless when it comes to situations like this
hoping for a mass unban at some point


Without me trying to speak on everyone else’s behalf: When you put it like that, I think that’s totally understandable. Personally I think it’s relieving that you guys have talked about mass unbans. Thanks for putting so much effort into the game.

How does one even use nvidia shadowplay to capture the last 15 ish seconds? I downloaded it for this very purpose and for the life of me cant figure it out.

I got banned by the system because I had high ping and I decided to open some chests to kill some time while waiting for the ping spike to pass, and after it did I got banned for exploiting chests. And I don’t even record myself because I don’t stream or do any clips, or make youtube videos. Like they could’ve at least made it a month ban or a year ban, but a perma ban is just too much for a system ban.

Its pretty sad that people blame you mods. Don’t take it to heart people that get false banned will be reasonably sad, so some of them will try to their anger elsewhere.

Wait what, shouldnt roblox be the one to put the anti cheat in the first place? I’ve seen a lot of games doing this and yet they’re the only ones, a billion dollar company, not having a good anti cheat. Glad I didnt grow up to roblox frfr

I made this topic just to vent my frustration from getting false banned from AO, just because I need something to keep my hopes up while I wait for a unban I may or may not get. Why are bans from the Anti-Cheat/System permanent?

I’m not saying you or anyone here is getting mad unnecessary or getting mad at all. I myself hate losing progress, and people who got false-banned probably lost a lot. I hope you get unbanned though I feel it is unlikely. If u don’t get unbanned I think I can help out a bit tho im not that strong. I can give you a bit of gear and stuff to help you get your progress back.