Why are bans from the Anti-Cheat/System permanent?

I was banned recently by the system for “Exploiting chests” permanently for opening chests, at the time I was experiencing heavy lag before I got banned I was opening the chests at sandfall isle to pass the time while the lag subsided so I could continue grinding xp for my third file so I could get my second magic for my mage build. I had a warlock file being my first file and a conjurer being my second file both at max level and awakened. I had played over 120 hours in the game after it released. giving me no reason to exploit, and even if I did I wouldn’t be risking all my grinding just to get banned off of a sequel to one of my favorite games of 2015 Arcane Adventures
image I know people will think “he’s just an exploiter just trying to get unbanned” which is what most people would or even do think of what I am trying to do. I’ve been playing roblox for almost a decade (8 years) and I’ve only been banned twice by roblox for cursing, so I’m not used to getting banned instantly by a Anti-cheat for not cheating. And why would I have to be basically required to have a clipping/recording application to just to prove I got falsely banned. I am just venting through text in the hopes I get unbanned on arcane odyssey and that the buggy Anti-Cheat gets reworked or fixed I do hope a game moderator sees this so I can hopefully get unbanned or get a temporary ban in the place of the permanent ban a year at most if possible. (edit: This is my profile if you wish to look into it.) Charlemagne2 - Roblox

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At the time I wrote this discussion, it is 3:58 AM. Goodnight. (edit here’s a photo of me after I respawn from getting killed by a hacker, see how they combat logged right after I got killed by them?)

Oh yes also here’s a full picture of my in-game arcane adventure’s I’ll be showing my inventory

These were taken in the Third sea.

anti-cheat is a shitty system that was likely added on last-minute
better a flood of hackers then a flood of fakes


Aw cmon give Vetex and the mods a break. Only the vast minority of people get false-banned. I think its better than people running around with infinite health and being able to do inf damade in 1 hit, but maybe thats just me.

How is that an excuse for not dealing with false bans tho

(even ones with evidence for innocence)

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I mean, that’s the thing. In this case, due to there not being a clip, there is no evidence it’s a false ban.

I’m not saying it’s right, but most people who get false banned and cannot be unbanned don’t have evidence. Most people with evidence do get unbanned.

This clip shows the same but similar amount of lag I had before I got banned on my main account, and I was fighting king calvus so I didn’t get banned by the system for lagging since I didn’t open any chests during the lag. The kind of ping I experienced before I got banned for opening chests at sandfall isle on my main account (this is my alt account since I can't play on my main) - Clipped with Medal.tv Keep an eye on the ping in the video.

Okay I would understand: but theres an issue here.

Ive opened chests with obscene lag before. I have opened a chest with like 10k-20k ping once! The lag was obscene but I experienced no anticheat kick/ban. This was about a week ago.

Were you running around the island doing a bunch of stuff or stickin near the chests waiting for them to open

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I was running around a lot while I was collecting the chests, since I could still dodge dash I was dashing around the island collecting chests from one side to another.

maybe bc u picked up lots of items u were mid air and had 3k ping the system thought u hacked
Roblox just needs good anti cheat bc these bans getting unfair

Well right before
I got banned I was falling after collecting the stuff above the small waterfall where you meditate at sandfall

Because on the discord I’ve been seeing a lot more false ban complaints now since people are getting banned for farming Kai

A common theme among false positive bans is that we get a LOT of evidence (clips, guide on how to replicate, etc) proving this specific thing is banning innocent people. Problem with chest exploits is that we’ve yet to see a single shred of evidence of it falsely banning, despite being one of the most common appeal types we get

so yea

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The thing is that most people don’t have any clipping software to clip anything that happens, and for such a hard to replicate event It’s hard to even get any evidence of the incident.

Also why is it a permanent ban in the first place when it could be weeks or up to a year. Especially a decision made by the Anti-Cheat.

As someone who has shitty internet most of the time and still grinding Ravenna chests, I have not been banned therefore I doubt that’s the case

Well when I got banned I had an average of 300 ping in the server I was in and had a 20k ping spike which resulted in me getting banned after collecting chests at sandfall.

Dozens of people, if not hundreds, have been able to clip the moment they’re falsely banned due to Kai/Merlott farming then send that as evidence, weird how nobody has been able to do the same with chest exploit bans :person_shrugging:

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This reminds me, wasnt the guy that posted a vid in the forum about sailing randomly in the sea then getting banned for chest exploits got unbanned?

Or was that an unrelated case