New forum mc server?

As you may remember, I created a Java edition Minecraft server for the forums. I shut it down after a while because it was kinda dead and still may be but anyway I was wondering if anybody wants to do it again, now that there are more forumers and we’re closer to release :mariomug: . I assume that the server would die after AO release, but if that’s the case, then I’ll provide a world download like last time so you can have access to everything you’ve created on the server.

I found a really cool seed for this as well, and I think it’d make for an interesting server. So 2 things. Sign up in the poll below if you may be interested in joining. Also, I had an idea for this. We’d start off with a small village, kinda WoM style, but we’d progressively build it up as we go. It wouldn’t be OP or filled with diamond blocks or anything, just typical vanilla village level stuff, maybe a little more. So anyways answer the poll below if you think we should start of with the village or have to make it ourselves.

  • I have a Minecraft Java account and may be interested in joining.

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Should we start off with a SMALL village?
  • Yes, start of with a village and add to it later.
  • No, make the whole thing in survival

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I would join but I use Bedrock edition.

I would join if there is Darkness Magic plugin

i am going to build ironport and nobody can stop me

i was going to do this originally but i was too lazy to find a fitting seed for it :sleeping: found a better one in the process though

ill help u gather materials

Nah bro, we gotta build more than that

We gotta play the entire map of WoM

We gotta build this
Map of all seas

the funny grind for bricks as well :troll:, at least there’s villagers i guess

i could do a little trollin, put the seed into a map generator, find the nearest ocean shore, then teleport the ironport guys there

nah it would be more fun if we just explored to find it ourselves

i found a good spot for a base on a mountainside but if everyone wants to do ironport we can do that also

(ive explored the seed a little bit, but i’ll wait until everybody gets on to do more)

i mean we dont all have to do the exact same thing i just thought this would be funny cus building ports is fun in minecraft

So when this happening?

Ah I remember this. Don’t let Misinput join this time.

Uhhhh idk what day do you guys wanna start on

im off tuesday for elections and then i get a week off for freedom day in 2 weeks but we can start anytime i guess

Wait what did he-

Oh wait, right. He did e stuff

I prob won’t be involved too much or I might even forget
but sure

when start