List usernames for forum mc server here

making a new topic here so it doesn’t clog discussion. just leave your minecraft username below so i can see them all in one place when i add everyone.

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group farting: 6pm

anyway add me yes i will probably join like once then never again but still. take a wild guess what my minecraft name is

same as forum?

I believe it’s 364Tear but I might’ve changed it. Idk don’t got my computer to check.

esmiy if that doesn’t work try CrimsonCreate



Drag Misinput on as well (he uses the same username for everything)





can we fight this

(providing username soon)

probably wont be too active but my username is sillydogs

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I might try this but idk if you can transfer minecraft n stuff across pcs

You can definitely transfer worlds over if you know where the files are on your computer, it’s not too complicated. This works for other things too, I’m pretty sure.

I mean the thing itself

You mean minecraft as in like the account or what? You just need the login for the account and you’d be able to transfer the rest.

I see
thank you

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